Cookie Delivery

It is the Troop Cookie Champion’s responsibility to sign up for a delivery time in eBudde, coordinate pick up of the troop’s cookies and distribution to girls and families. The delivery date and location is decided by the Service Unit Cookie Champion. If the TCC is unable to be available during the troop’s delivery time, they can designate other caregivers or troop volunteers as pick-up persons. 

Cookie Delivery week is February 4th – February 10th, 2023.

Cookie Delivery - eBudde

Troops must sign up for a delivery time slot in eBudde. Delivery slots are first come, first serve. This process is contingent upon the Service Unit Cupboard Champion entering the slots into eBudde.

Selecting Your Delivery Time:

Go to the Delivery Tab. You will be prompted to answer “Who is picking up your cookies?” and “Are you picking up for more than one troop?”. 

Select your delivery location from the drop down menu, then select an open time slot. 

When you’re finished, click “Submit My Info” in the top left corner. 

Select “View Confirmation” in the top left corner to view your pick-up information as well as helpful estimates on how many vehicles and what type you should bring with you.

Tutorial Video:

Troop Guidelines for a Smooth Pick-up Day

  • Know exactly how many cookie cases you ordered of each variety. You may print a copy of your troops Initial Order from eBudde by going to the “Initial Order” tab and click the purple “Printable Version” button at the top of the page. Remember, your Initial Order was rounded up to the nearest full case of each variety!
  • Arrive at, or right before, your scheduled pick-up time.
  • Make sure you have enough vehicles to load your order (see guide below for help).
  • Pull all your vehicles into the line at the same time.
  • Check-in with your SU Cookie Champion when you arrive. 
  • Count the cases BEFORE they are loaded into your vehicle to ensure accuracy.
  • Sign for your order and take your receipt.

You are financially responsible for any cookies that you’ve signed for! 

Cookies cannot be returned once they are picked up. Troops are responsible for counting and verifying the total number of cases. Troops accept financial responsibility by signing the receipt. Once receipts are signed, case counts are final, and cookies are the property of that troop.

Wait until you are sure about your case count to sign your receipt.

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