eBudde for SUs

Service Unit Cookie Champions - eBudde

Service Unit Cookie Champions will utilize eBudde for:

  1. Managing Troop Participation
  2. Tracking SU Sales and Milestones
  3. Communicating with Troops
  4. Submitting the SU Initial Order and Rewards
  5. Cookie Delivery Time Setup
  6. End of Program Finalization

Volunteers cannot change users or their roles in eBudde. If there are questions, please contact MemberCare@cbgsc.org. 

Getting Set Up in eBudde

Log into eBudde. If you have completed your gsLearn training, you will receive an email with eBudde login instructions before the start of the program.

Review and update your contact information, if needed.

Go to the “Contacts” tab. Review your Service Unit Contacts.

  • Service Unit Managers – This user can make any changes in the system.
  • Service Unit Cookie Chairs (SU Champions) – This user can make any changes in the system.
  • Service Unit View Only User – This user can only see the screens and print reports. They cannot make any changes in the system.

Go to the “Troops” tab to verify all of your participating troops are showing up. If they are not, please contact MemberCare@cbgsc.org with troop numbers to verify all requirements to access the system have been met. 

Volunteer requirements to access eBudde are: Completed Product Program Champion Agreement, Renewed/Registered for the current Girl Scout membership year, and completed the assigned training(s) in gsLearn. 

If volunteers have completed all the requirements for their role to 100% and are having trouble accessing eBudde, they should try using the “Forgot Your Password” link on the eBudde login page to get in and if that does not work, please reach out to MemberCare@cbgsc.org for assistance. 

Communicating with Troops & Caregivers

There are 2 ways to communicate with troops in eBudde. The first option is to post on the eBudde dashboard. To do this, go to the “Settings” tab, then “Edit Message”. The second way is to send an email directly to troops or caregivers from eBudde.

Go to the “Contacts” tab.

Click “Email Branch” at the top of the page.

Enter your subject line and body of the email, then select your recipients using the checkboxes beneath the “Send Email To” section on the right. Ensure the communication you’re sending is directed as the correct audience (i.e. information for caregivers, information for troop users, etc.).

Complete the CAPTCHA (I am not a robot) and following prompts. Then, click “Send Email” at the bottom of the page. 

If you need to send the email to eBudde users who are not associated with a Troop user role in eBudde, you may need to forward it from your personal email.

Submitting Your SU Initial Order

The deadline for Service Unit Champions to submit their Initial Orders and rewards is January 25th, 2024, at 11:59 Am. 

To Unsubmit a Troop’s Initial Order:

Troop volunteers will be locked out of eBudde on 1/24/24 at 11:59 AM, so if you are unsubmitting for them, they will need to complete their changes before then. Otherwise, you will need to make changes on their behalf before you are locked out at the SU level on 1/25/24 at 11:59 AM.

Go to the “Troops” tab.

Locate the troop, then click the “Unsub. Cookie Order” or “Unsub. Rewards Order” – see image below. 

Instruct the troop to make necessary changes and resubmit OR make the changes on the troop’s behalf.

To Make Changes on a Troop’s Behalf:

 Click on the troop number on the left side of your eBudde dashboard – see image below.

 Go to the “Initial Order” tab. Make the necessary changes.

 Click “Submit”.

To Finalize and Submit the Initial Order and Rewards for the Service Unit:

Go to the “Initial Order” tab. Review troop initial orders and ensure there are no obvious errors. If a troop number has an asterisk beside it, that troop has not submitted their initial order. SUCCs can also pull a report from the Reports tab to view this information.

Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, click “Submit Order”.

Go to the “Rewards” tab. Review the SU rewards by clicking the “review rewards order” button. If there are issues before your submit deadline, you can make changes and then submit the troop rewards again. Enter your shipment address information, if necessary, and then click the “update shipping address” button. Then, click “Submit”.  

Tutorial Video:

Cookie Delivery Setup for Service Unit Cookie Champions

The video above is SILENT – do not crank up your volume. 

On the left side of the eBudde dashboard, from the SU Navigation Tree, click the small, green “Delivery” button.

Go to the “Settings” tab, then click “Edit Settings”. Do not change the delivery location that GSCB has already entered.

Complete the Signup Sheet Criteria. You must enter a “Time Allotment” in minutes. Troop Case Overflow can be set to your preference (most troops don’t pickup more than 200 cases at Initial Order). Identify the number of pickup stations (in almost every case, you’ll only have one). 

 GSCB will enter your delivery date when it’s available from the Delivery Agent.

 Click the purple “Update” button at the bottom. Double check that everything is correct using the “Signup Sheet” tab. 

Managing Troop Delivery Signups

Once you have setup your SU Delivery time slot and criteria, notify your troops that they can sign up for a time slot to pick up their initial order. This is the perfect time to send your TCC’s an eBudde communication! eBudde will generate a time slot table for troops to choose from based on the criteria you set. Troops must submit their Initial Order before they can select a delivery pickup time slot.

Cookie Delivery Tips for Service Unit Cookie Managers

Bring a copy of the delivery schedule from GSCB so you have the phone tree with you to call the next delivery site when the truck leaves your delivery site.

 COUNT your SU cookies delivered as soon as they arrive! GSCB and the delivery agents suggest stacking cookies by variety, five cases high, so you can get the most accurate count of each variety delivered. This may also help you find any damaged cookies sooner.

Remember to use or print the Dot Sheets provided in eBudde so you can easily see what each troop is going to receive and tape it to their cookie pile.

  • To find your Dot Sheets, go to “Reports” tab > “Initial Order Reports” > Click the “View” button next to Troop Pickup Sheets Report. DO NOT fill the checkbox for pre-printed form. It will not print the colored version or tell you which cookies are which.
  • You can then print the forms in color or black and white, depending on your preference and printer capabilities.
  • Dot Sheets must be printed in landscape view to print all cookie varieties on one page.

Damaged cookies should not be accepted at your delivery. If you find any damaged cases or packages, notify the delivery agent if they are still there. Sometimes they will have extra cookies on hand to exchange. If they are no longer present, contact the Product Program team directly at ProductPrograms@cbgsc.org with the exact number and variety that are damaged. DO NOT give damaged cookies to your troops. GSCB will replace them, if necessary, via a Cookie Cupboard if the delivery agent does not take them.

It will help to arrive at the delivery site about 30+ minutes early.

Prior to your delivery date, you may also want to enlist helpers for the day-of delivery.

You may want to bring scissors or a box cutter to be used ONLY by adults for cutting shrink wrap, if necessary. 

End of Program Finalization

Remind the TCC’s, if their troop is eligible, that they must opt out of rewards by February 9, 2024. GSCB will NOT credit a troop later, if they forget to opt out in time for the final ACH. 

Finalize Troop Cookie Inventory

The Service Unit Cookie Champion should review each troop’s finalized inventory for any obvious errors or issues. Troops are locked out at 11:59 PM on March 18, 2024. 

Select the troop number from the SU Navigation Tree on the eBudde dashboard.

Go to the “Girl Orders” tab.

Verify the Girl Totals, Troop Total, and Difference (Negative number indicates the troop has remaining inventory NOT assigned to a girl, and a positive number indicates there are more cookies assigned to girls than available in the inventory).

Submit Final Rewards Order

Review each troop to ensure they have submitted their final rewards with necessary selections made. SUCCs can edit rewards orders or unsubmit rewards order for troops to edit before they are locked out of eBudde on March 19th, 2024 at 11:59 PM. An example of the rewards submission for the SUCC can be found below. Click the “Final” button to fill out for final rewards. 

You can click the “Review Rewards Order” button to make sure all the rewards are calculated correctly and to save a report for yourself. Once you’ve submitted SU rewards, you cannot unsubmit. Contact the Product Program team for assistance after you have submitted your rewards and changes are needed. 

Reports for SU's in eBudde

eBudde reports will help you answer questions for yourself and your troops and can get you information on many aspects of your SU’s sales and milestones throughout the program. To learn more about the reports available in eBudde, click the button below to open a PDF you can save or print to use during the program. 

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