Cookie Cupboard Champions

Cookie Cupboard Champions are important members of the Cookie Program team. Volunteers like you are the champions, role models and cookie coaches who help girls discover their amazing potential and take steps towards achieving their goals.

Cupboards are a major component of the direct sale period. They are where all troops should be accepted to place additional inventory orders throughout the duration of the cookie program after the initial order is placed. 

The Cupboard Champion must enter their Cookie Order in eBudde by January 6, 2024, or contact GSCB to enter it on their behalf. 

What do Cupboard Champions do?

Complete your Cupboard Champion Agreement

Provide equal cupboard access to all girls and troops within the Council – not just within SU lines, including Juliettes.

Report physical inventory to GSCB, weekly, on Sunday evenings by 10PM.  

Protect the cookies and technology from damage (mice, water, weather, insects, etc). 

Provide support and assistance to your SU Cookie Team. 

Coordinate with your SU Cookie Champion to arrange locations and delivery for GOC donations at the end of the program. Upon closing your cupboard, GSCB staff will help arrange this transaction.

Try to utilize the contactless pickup option using the eBudde app with your troops.

Coordinate with the SU Cookie Team to communicate that any volunteers that wish to place and/or pickup cupboard orders, should download and utilize the eBudde app and create their own account. 

Coordinate with the SU Cookie Team to communicate with troop volunteers who have trusted troop caregiver volunteers that pickup at a cupboard to be added to the troop as a “Troop Cookie Pickup Only” user in eBudde so they may create an account to confirm their pickups for the troop on their own mobile device.

2024 Reminders

  • All necessary technology is available to you in the eBudde app.
  • Inventory is due to GSCB weekly, each Sunday by 10 pm. 
  • GSCB requests closing your cupboard on Mondays for inventory. GSCB council cupboards are closed Mondays for inventory and placing reorders.
  • Troop users do not enter their password/touch your cupboard tablet to accept orders. With the updates to eBudde’s order processing system, volunteers use the eBudde app on their personal tech/phone.
  • Troops should only be guaranteed cookies if their troop pending orders are placed by Sunday at 10pm for pickup on the following Tuesday – Saturday.
Cookie Case Stack Illustration

Cupboard Champion Program Timeline

Cupboard Delivery

You must be present or have a volunteer available to accept, count and sign for your delivery.

When the truck arrives, count the cookies. Sign for the cookies and ask the delivery agent to replace any damaged cookies.

Know exactly how many cookies you ordered, by variety. Print your Cupboard Order from the Delivery tab in eBudde. See below. 

Only sign for cookies you have received during the delivery. You can change the amount received on the delivery ticket with the delivery agent.


Cupboard Pickups

Set your cupboards availability in the cupboard settings on eBudde prior to opening. 

In order to pickup cookies from your cupboard, troops must place pending orders in eBudde. Orders can be placed by the case and/or by the package.

Cupboards can only guarantee cookies if the pending order is placed by 10pm on Sunday for the following Tuesday -Saturday pickup.

View pending orders at or using the eBudde mobile app.

Facilitate cupboard pickups right from your mobile device using the eBudde Troop App. See how below:

eBudde for Cupboard Champions

Cupboard Replenishment & Reorders

As Cupboard Champion, you will want to keep in touch with your SU Cookie Team to make sure your troops (and any others within your SU) will have access to ample cookie inventory throughout the program. In addition to reporting your physical inventory to GSCB, you may need to order cookies through the Product Program team. 

To reorder, do NOT place any orders in eBudde, send a request email to with your order in full-cases, by variety with your inventory, or by Monday morning at 8 am when needed. 

GSCB’s delivery agents require a minimum order of 200 cases for redelivery from the warehouse after the initial order (which could potentially be split between two or more cupboards during the same day). 

When possible, Cupboard Champions may be able to pickup cookie inventory from council cupboards. 

  • This is contingent upon Newark and Salisbury Cupboard inventory and availability. These orders MUST be scheduled with GSCB staff prior to placing the order in eBudde.

To facilitate any reorders, please email – do NOT place orders in eBudde unless otherwise instructed. 

Cupboard Damages Process

If a troop receives damaged boxes from their initial order delivery or any cupboard pickups – they can return those boxes to a cupboard for an exchange of the same variety of cookie – the physical damaged boxes must be returned to the cupboard for an exchange. 

Damaged cookies include open boxes, boxes with open sleeves, crushed boxes, etc.  

  • If a volunteer says a box is damaged, you can just do the exchange. If upon further review the box does not appear to be damaged – you can decide if it can be put back into your inventory. 

Damaged boxes are entered in eBudde as a cupboard-to-cupboard transaction. The image below shows the correct prompts completed. Since you are entering the transaction in your cupboard’s transaction, eBudde already knows where it is coming from, you need to enter the damage to be “removed” from your inventory and “send” it to the Council Damages (101) cupboard.  

To Enter a Damages Transaction:

  1. Select the purple “Add a Transaction” button on the Transactions tab. 
  2. Change the 2nd Party to “Cupboard” and select “Council Damages (101) as the cupboard from the drop-down. 
  3. Enter the varieties of damaged cookies by case/package. 
  4. Click “Okay.” 
  5. Click the purple “Save” button on the main Transactions tab screen. 

Once a damaged box has been accounted for in eBudde, it may be disposed of. 

Take the cookie sleeves out of the paper boxes to dispose of them in the trash and then recycle the packaging.  

Cookies in plastic packaging may be thrown away as a whole package.  

You can choose to add damaged cookie transactions as they come in, or weekly.  

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