Direct Sale

The direct sale period is also sometimes known as the “cookie booth” period or “cookies-in-hand” period. All of these refer to the period of time that Girl Scouts use to sell cookies directly from their inventory, rather than ahead of time using an order card. Girls can also continue to sell digitally during the Direct Sale period.

The most popular in-hand selling method is Cookie Booths, but there are plenty of other ways to sell cookies such as Drive-Thrus, Cookie House Parties, Milk and Cookies breaks, etc. Learn more below. 

Inventory Management

If you ordered extra cookies during Initial Order, those cookies are now part of your troop’s inventory. They can be used to fill extra orders from Girl Scouts, taken to cookie booths, walkabouts, drive-thrus, etc. If you run out of inventory, you can replenish by placing an order through a local Cookie Cupboard.

Remember that all troop inventory is the financial responsibility of the troop. It will not be returned or refunded at the end of the program if it is not sold. You can exchange cookies between troops. 

Direct Sale - eBudde

During the Direct Sale period, you will utilize eBudde for:

  1. Signing Up for Cookie Booths
  2. Recording Booth Sales
  3. Adding Girl Orders
  4. Placing Cookie Cupboard Orders & Cookie Exchanges
Signing Up for Cookie Booths:

Go to the “Booth Sites” tab.

Select the city and location you would like to participate in. Then, choose the date and time range that works for you. If the booth slots are GREEN, they are available. If they are BLUE, they are unavailable. 

To reserve a timeslot, click on it, then click the green “SUBMIT” button. You will receive a message that your time is reserved. If you don’t, the timeslot was not reserved.

Tutorial Video:

If you can no longer attend a booth, you must release it in eBudde. You can do this using the schedule on your Troop Dashboard or from the Booth Sites tab. This will update the GSUSA Cookie Finder that the booth is no longer happening, or will allow another troop to reserve the slot.

Recording Booth Sales:

Go to the “Booth Sites” tab.

Using the drop down menu on the right side of the screen, select Record Sales, then select the booth you are recording sales for.

Click the checkboxes next to each girl who attended the booth.

At the top, enter the quantities sold of each variety. Then, click the purple “DISTRIBUTE” button to have the quantities distributed equally among the participating girls. 

Click Submit Sale. The Girl Orders tab will automatically be updated once you submit.

Tutorial Video:

You can use the eBudde Booth Recorder app to record your sales on the go. 

Adding Girl Orders:

After the initial order, you may need to add additional orders for girls. 

Go to the “Girl Orders” tab and select the girl’s name.

Click “Add Trans.”. A row of editable fields will appear at the bottom of the screen. Enter the amount in packages for each variety.

Click “OK”, then “Save” to complete the transaction.

Tutorial Video:
Placing A Cookie Cupboard Order:

Pending Orders should be submitted by a Troop eBudde user or anyone designated as a “Troop Cookie Pickup User Only” on the contacts tab. The pickup person will need their eBudde login information with them when they arrive at the Cookie Cupboard.

Go to the “Transactions” tab. Then select “Add a Transaction”.

For Type, select “Normal”. For Second Party, keep “Cupboard” and use the 2nd dropdown to select your desired Cupboard location.

In the Pickup field, select a date and timeslot for your pickup. Cookie Cupboard hours vary by location.

Enter the number of cookies you need in packages and/or cases.

For Product Movement, select “Add Product”.

Click “Okay” when you’re done. Clicking “Okay” will take you back to view orders, where you will need to click the purple “Save” button at the top of the transactions screen. The order will appear as “Pending” until it is picked up at the Cupboard and released to the troop to confirm. 

Tutorial Video:
Using eBudde to Pickup Your Cookie Cupboard Order:

A registered cookie pick-up person must pickup cookies from a Cupboard. You can have more than one pickup person in your troop. Troop Cookie Champions and Co-Leaders are automatically made registered pickup persons. You can identify others in your troop as “Cookie Pick-Up Only” users on the “Settings” tab.

When you arrive at the Cupboard, the Cupboard Manager will need your eBudde login information so ensure you have it with you or memorized.

Having the eBudde App downloaded on your phone will make pickup easy. 

You’ll need to confirm your order in eBudde when picking up, so have the app or website up, ready to go when you arrive at your scheduled cupboard pickup time.


In the App: 

1. Open the app and tap the “cookies” button at the bottom of the screen. 

2.  Then tap the “Troop Transactions/Pending Orders” row.

3. After the cupboard staff/volunteer has released your order on their end, you should be able to toggle to the “Ready for Pickup” section in the “VIEW BY:” options. 

4. From the list of your released orders, tap on the order you’re picking up and tap the blue “Confirm” button at the top of the page. 

*Make sure to double count with the cupboard champion/staff before confirming your order – then you’re all done! 

In the Website:

1. Log into the eBudde website.

2. Click on the “Txn Pickups” tab.

3. Find the row of the correct released cookie pickup order and tap the blue “Confirm” button.

*Make sure to double count with the cupboard champion/staff before confirming your order – then you’re all done! 

Tutorial Video:
Troop-to-Troop Cookie Exchanges:

Troops can exchange cookies between them using the eBudde Cookie Exchange function. On the “Cookie Exch.” tab, you can see what cookies other troops have available in excess inventory or you can post the cookies you have available in excess inventory. Remember that just because you post your excess cookies here, doesn’t mean you will be able to get rid of them, so we suggest a backup plan to reduce your inventory at the end of the sale.

When you exchange cookies, you must manually update your inventory in eBudde. It will not update automatically.

Tutorial Video:

Damaged Cookie Reporting Policy

If a troop contacts a Cupboard Champion about damages they found in their order after a scheduled cupboard pickup, the Cupboard Champion should request for the damaged cookie package(s) to be brought back to the cupboard for replacement for the exact same variety and quantity. 

The Cupboard Champion can then damage out the cookies from their cupboard stock. The Cupboard Champion may let GSCB Product Program team know, GSCB will replace the damages, and GSCB will damage the product out of the cupboard where the returned/picked up replacement took place.   

Caregiver Package Issues:

  • If a family opens a box of cookies to find there were incorrectly packaged cookies or another issue with the package themselves– they may contact their troop to report the issue or the SU level to report the issue. The SU should then replace their damaged cookies with a good one from the closes Cookie Cupboard and the SU can then damage out the cookie package(s) from their Cookie Cupboard.

Digital Cookie Issues & Customer Issues: 

  • If a DOC customer has received girl-delivery packages that were damaged during delivery, they can contact GSCB to receive an exchange of the cookies they ordered and we will replace it if they return the damaged packaging to us directly. 
  • If a Digital Order Card (DOC) customer has received shipped packages that were damaged during shipment, they can use GSUSA’s Digital Cookie help email, using the form online here. There’s a drop-down box where they can select “damaged product” and fill out the form to receive a brand-new shipment.
  • Damaged cookies cannot be exchanged for another variety of cookie.  
  • If a customer wishes to submit a flavor complaint or cookie-specific complaint, they may do so by contacting Little Brownie directly on their website or by calling the phone number that is found on every package of cookies.

Direct Sale - Digital Cookie

Girl Scouts can continue using Digital Cookie to sell cookies throughout the Direct Sale period. You may also find it useful to use your Troop Links during Virtual or In-Person Cookie Booths. When girls or the troop receive an In-Person Delivery order via Digital Cookie during Direct Sale, those orders should be filled from your cookie inventory.

Caregivers can turn off In-Person Delivery option anytime for their Girl Scouts and the Troop Cookie Champion can turn off In-Person Delivery for the troop link, if necessary. 

See tipsheets below to help support girls, caregivers and customers.

Digital Cookie Tipsheets

Direct Sale Selling Options

Traditional Cookie Booth

Traditional booths are scheduled and managed by the Service Unit Booth Coordinator. Many SUs hold a booth lottery for troops to sign up for local booths, so be sure you are aware of your SUs process. On the day of the booth, your troop sets up the booth at a high-traffic community business or other location within the Service Unit boundaries.

In most cases, your troop will be responsible for providing tables, chairs, signage, etc. Be sure to follow the location’s rules about signage and setup.

Council-Sponsored Booth

These booths are setup by GSCB. If your troop participated in the Fall Product Program, you will get access to booth selection in eBudde on DATE TBD. If not, your troop can sign up for Council-sponsored booths on DATE TBD . Be ready when they open – booth locations are claimed quickly.

Council-sponsored booths may be setup in shopping malls, Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club stores, etc. In some cases, your troop may need to provide tables, chairs, signage, etc. 

New! Cookie Stand

Girl Scouts can now work with their caregiver to host a Cookie Stand! A Cookie Stand is similar to a lemonade stand. Girls from one household, with their caregiver, may participate in a Cookie Stand on their own property. 

The caregiver is responsible for the cookies they sign out from the troop, and since they are supervising their own Girl Scout(s), membership and background checks are not required. Cookie Stands allow girls to have the booth experience without extra requirements of caregivers. 

Cookie Stands are not permitted to be submitted in eBudde as a booth to be found on Booth Finder.

Milk & Cookies Break

Milk and Cookies breaks are sales purchased by an employer, in bulk, for their employees. Cookie booths or sales pitches may also be set up at places of employment, with permission, to promote additional cookie sales.

Troops should inform the Service Unit Booth Coordinator of these cookie booths at all times. If booths are outside of the SU jurisdiction, GSCB Product Program team may need to be informed so they can notify the Booth Coordinator for that location. 

Virtual Cookie Booth

Set up a Facebook Live session, a recorded sales pitch, a password-protected Zoom session, or a YouTube video where girls present their cookie booth to online customers.

All online activity should be hosted via a private account for families or by a trusted volunteer for girl safety.
Girl’s full names should NEVER be used and under no circumstances should the girl’s booth “location” be shared.

Cookie Drive-Thru

Some locations may be willing to rent out a drive-thru for cars, but you can also create a drive-thru in locations with large parking lots using pop-up tents, posters, cones, ribbons and appropriate signage.

Girls should maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and vehicles for safety.
Encourage drivers to drive slowly. Ensure an adult is directing traffic and not a girl.

Check out this video on hosting a Drive-Thru:


Walkabouts are portable Cookie Booths. Girls fill up wagons, sleds, etc. with the assistance of a buddy and adult(s) to canvas their neighborhood, apartment complex, senior citizen facility or local college dorm. If you will be visiting a private business or building, you must get permission ahead of time. 

Cookie House Party

During a Girl Scout Cookie House Party, girls come together under one roof to sell cookies by the case. With 12 packages per case, sales add up fast! 

Utilize our Cookie House Party Resources to make your party the talk of the neighborhood.

Direct Sale FAQs

Cookie Booths are set up by the SU Booth Coordinator and GSCB only. If your troop has an idea for a Cookie Booth, be sure to check with your SU Booth Coordinator and have them work with you and the location to set up that booth. This ensures the booth isn’t already set up in your Service Unit, and if it’s in another Service Unit’s boundaries, that the appropriate approval is met. If a booth is being requested outside the SU boundaries, the Service Unit Booth Coordinator needs to contact GSCB Product Program team to work as a liaison between the SUBC’s so the booth can be secured fairly. 

All booths must be scheduled and registered in eBudde. 

For more about how and when to sign up for Cookie Booths, visit Ebudde for TCMs

Be sure to consider the booth’s location (how busy it is), your time slot, the weather and other factors when planning the number of cookies you’ll need for your booth(s). All booths are different and although you want to be prepared, you will also want to be mindful of your selection of cookies. These are suggested numbers by booth times and variety averages only – not required amounts. Again, every booth is different! If this is your first time, try reaching out to other volunteers in your SU who have done a booth at that location before – they may have some advice!

Cookie Booth Rules and Etiquette

Cookie Booths are Girl Scouts’ opportunity to SHINE in their community! Smile, be polite, have fun and demonstrate what it means to be a Girl Scout. 

To help us all SHINE, here are some guidelines for cookie booths:

  • Girls must be present. The minimum is 1 girl and 2 unrelated adults (one of the two adults must be background checked and a registered member of GSCB.). No tag-a-long family members or siblings.
  • Bring your booth confirmation printed from eBudde and ensure you arrive and leave on time.
  • Dress for winter weather. You can always show your Girl Scout pride by wearing your uniform over your jacket/coat, or by wearing Girl Scout pins or other insignia. 
  • Use your manners – Smile and say please and thank you!
  • Keep track of your inventory – Count packages before and after to verify.
  • Come prepared with cash – Do not ask the business you are at or near for change.
  • Come with all necessary supplies including cash box, counterfeit money checking pen, pens, Digital Cookie app for Cookies-In-Hand transactions, eBudde Booth Recorder app, posters to tell your troop story, etc.
  • Do not eat or drink at the booth, if possible.
  • Follow any COVID-19 guidelines required by the business or your local government as well as GSCBs COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Keep your booth area clean and pick up all empty boxes/cases.
  • Follow any store guidelines – they are allowing us to be part of their business!
  • Don’t be a NO SHOW – Customers find booths on Cookie Finder. If you can’t attend, please release it in eBudde.
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