Cookie Program Rewards

Color and style of rewards may vary and accessories are not included for any rewards. Due to availability at the end of the program, a comparable item, activity or date may be substituted for any patch or reward.

24+ Boxes

Theme Patch

60+ Boxes

Koala Bracelet

100+ Boxes

Cooling Bandana

150+ Boxes

Layered Koala Journal

200+ Boxes

Motivational Water Bottle & Cookie Decals

225+ Boxes

Eco Crossbody Tote & 4″ Koala Clip On

275+ Boxes

10″ Koala Plush

400+ Boxes

Camp Cushion

350+ Boxes

Koala Slipper Socks

500+ Boxes

Girl Scout Membership Renewal (Automatic Renewal During Early Bird)

625+ Boxes

Camp Duffel & Animated Bag Tag

750+ Boxes

Beach Towel & Reversible Bucket Hat

1000+ Boxes

$100 Cookie Dough OR Vlogging Kit & Ring Light Kit (Phone/camera not included) *Girl Experience will be included at this level. Details to come.

1250+ Boxes

Swing Hammock

1500+ Boxes

American Girl Doll OR Customized Vans Package (custom backpack and sneakers) *Girl Experience will be included at this level. Details to come.

2000+ Boxes

Digital Camera *Girl Experience included at this level. Details to come.

2500+ Boxes

Girl Experience (Includes only: 1 Girl Ticket & 1 Adult Ticket with meal voucher and Girl Swag Bag, no transportation provided)

Digital Cookie Rewards

Send 25+ Emails in Digital Cookie

Cookie Techie Patch

75+ Boxes Sold Via Digital Cookie

Samoas Bracelet

125+ Boxes Sold Via Digital Cookie

Docking Station

Operation Taste of Home Rewards

25+ Boxes Donated Through Operation Taste of Home

Operation Taste of Home Patch

60+ Boxes Donated Through Operation Taste of Home

Mountain Bracelet

100+ Boxes Donated Through Operation Taste of Home

Whisper Lantern

Additional Rewards

200+ Troop Initial Order PGA

Samoas Adventure Please Hoodie & Goal Getter Patch

Each girl with at least 1 cookie order during Initial Order will receive the sweatshirt and patch, and 1 TCC will receive the sweatshirt. 

250+ Troop Final PGA

Climb with Courage T-shirt & 2022 Year Bar Patch

1 t-shirt and 1 patch per girl, plus 2 t-shirts for troop volunteers and 2 Cookie Volunteer patches.

Bar 100+
Bar 200+
Bar 300+

100+ – 3000+ Boxes

Bar Patch

Girls will earn a bar for their highest level sold. 

325+ Boxes PLUS Created an Avatar & Sent 15 Emails during Fall Product Program 

Crossover Patch

Participate in a Cookie Booth

Booth Sales Patch

TCC must check booth box in eBudde for each girl that participated in a booth on at least one girl order transaction.

Cookie Entrepreneur Patch

Be in the Top 10 Cookie Sellers in the Council

Cookie Entrepreneur Patch

If a Booth Sleuth Visits your Booth, You Might Get this Patch!

Super Patch

Cookie Captains

Are your Girl Scouts seasoned Cookie Pros? Are they ready to lend their cookie knowledge to first-timers? The Cookie Captain patch program is the perfect opportunity for older girls (Cadettes – Ambassadors) to practice their leadership skills and guide younger girls to success. Girls who complete the Cookie Captain program will receive her program level Service to Girl Scouting Bar, a Cookie Captain Patch and a Cookie Captain reward.

Cookie Captain Commitment Form 2022Cookie Captain Hours Log form 2022

Current Promotions

2021-22 Cookie Program BINGO – Complete all of the activities on this BINGO Card for a chance to win a GIANT koala plush!

Have questions about our Pop-Up Promotions? Check out our Product Program Pop-Up Promotions FAQS.

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