About the Cookie Program

To our Girl Scout Cookie Volunteers…

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a treasured tradition among girls, volunteers and consumers alike. There’s a certain feeling that rises within us when we see a Girl Scout on our doorstep, at the entrance of the grocery store, or on our social media feeds. Whether it’s nostalgia, or the comfort of knowing we can rely on Girl Scouts to show up year after year, it’s a powerful way to bring people together. 

Regardless of if it’s your first Cookie Program or your 10th Cookie Program, we know that managing the logistics and supporting your Girl Scouts throughout is no easy feat for you, our Girl Scout volunteers. Each year, you make this program possible with your efforts, optimism and flexibility.

Each Girl Scout participating in this year’s cookie program brings her own unique style, approach, and ideas on how to be successful. That’s why we think this year’s theme – OWN YOUR MAGIC – is perfect! It’s time for our Girl Scouts to own the very special magic they each have and apply it to the largest entrepreneurial program in the world for girls. Know that our staff is committed to providing our volunteers with the resources and support they need to guide their girls to their most successful Cookie Program yet. This website, dedicated specifically to GSCB Product Program volunteers, is where you can find all of the information that previously lived in a long-form, printed manual. Utilizing this format allows GSCB to be nimble in our support of girls and volunteers, make changes as we go and communicate those changes quickly and easily. 

As Girl Scout volunteers, you make the Cookie Program possible. Because of your effort, girls across the Delmarva Peninsula have their first experiences in entrepreneurship, leadership and financial literacy. For that, we can’t thank you enough. You can OWN YOUR MAGIC knowing we’ve got your back, and we are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and be transparent about the unknowns. 

Your’s in Girl Scouting,

The GSCB Product Program Team

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