Cookie Cupboards

After the initial order delivery, troops can pick up additional cookies from their local GSCB cookie cupboard. Any troop can visit any cookie cupboard in the Council, but troops should be aware and respectful of the hours and specific requests of the cupboards. Some cupboards are run at the GSCB offices, some are in business locations and some are in volunteer’s homes or garages. 

Pick Up Cookies from a Cupboard

All GSCB cupboards will be closed on Mondays for inventory management.

To schedule a cupboard pickup, troops must place a pending order through the eBudde website or through the eBudde App. In order to monitor cupboard inventory, we request that all troop pending orders be placed by Sunday, if the order will be picked up between Tuesday-Sunday of the following week. This ensures that Council will be able to provide the cupboard with all required cookies in a timely manner. If an order is placed after Sunday, there is not a guarantee that the cupboard will be able to provide the requested cookies to the troop.

Adding a Troop Pickup User

If a parent or volunteer from your troop other than your Troop Cookie Manager is going to be picking up cookies from a Cookie Cupboard, they will need to be entered in eBudde as a Troop Pickup User. This ensures they have an eBudde login and the ability to confirm the order they are picking up. 

This access does not give them the ability to view other areas of eBudde, to make changes to eBudde, or to place pending orders for cupboards. 

To give this access, please email with the following information:

  1. Volunteer’s First and Last Name
  2. Troop Number
  3. Volunteer’s Email
Please allow at least one full business day for the parent/volunteer to receive eBudde access. Emails received after 12 pm on Friday will not be processed until the following Monday, at the earliest.

*New for 2021! In light of the need to reduce proximity and shared surface contact, we have new procedures for cupboard order pickups.

  1. TCM places a cupboard order for pickup (find instructions below for placing a pending order in eBudde).
  2. The Cupboard Manager gathers the troop’s order before the pickup time in a way that minimizes the troop volunteer’s exposure to other cookies as much as possible.
  3. The troop volunteer shows up at their designated time to pickup their cookies and they count and confirm that the gathered cookies match their pending order. The troop volunteer does not need to count with the Cupboard Manager unless both volunteers are comfortable with the proximity and following CDC guidelines regarding PPE.
  4. Once the cookies have been counted, the volunteer can load the cookies into their vehicle.
  5. The Cupboard Manager will release the order to the troop in eBudde.
  6. After this order is released, the troop volunteer will need to accept the order via their own eBudde App or the eBudde website. You do not enter your password in the Cupboard Keeper app as we did in years previous. This is to reduce the need to touch the Cupboard Manager’s tablet/smartphone. If a Cupboard Manager releases the order to a troop and it is not accepted or disputed within 3 business days, the order will be finalized as “accepted” by the Product Program team.

Placing a Pending Order in eBudde

After you receive and sell your initial order cookies (or if you didn’t place an order for extra IO cookies), your troop will likely need more. Pending Orders should be submitted by a Troop eBudde user or anyone designated as a “Troop Cookie Pickup User Only” on the Contacts tab of eBudde. 

1. Navigate to the “Transactions” tab in eBudde.

2. Select the purple “Add a Transaction” button and fill out all fields – select “Cupboard” from the 2nd Party drop down and from the next drop-down, make sure to select the correct Cookie Cupboard you wish to pick up from. Fill out the date and time of your pickup request and the breakdown of the cases and packages you need to pickup.

3. Click “Okay.” The order will remain as “pending” until it’s picked-up and released from the cupboard by a qualified eBudde user. Navigate to the troop dashboard to ensure the pending order was saved correctly.

*If changes need to be made on a saved pending transaction, please contact your cupboard coordinator to adjust.

The time slots shown in this screen shot may vary by SU and may not be setup exactly as shown.

*New! Some cupboards will elect to break the pickup hours into 10-15 minute time slots. The TCM will select an hour, and a specific time slot within that hour, to reduce any crowding at the cupboard. If a slot is not showing in “green”, it is unavailable and you must select a different time.

Not all cupboards will elect to use the time slots. If your preferred cupboard does not, then you will be able to enter your preferred pickup time. You must enter a pickup time within the cupboard’s hours of operation. 

For more information on using eBudde, visit eBudde for TCMs.

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