Cookie Program Benefits

5 Essential Skills Girls Learn from the Cookie Program

    Goal Setting – Girls learn how to set goals and create a plan to reach them. 

    Decision Making – Girls learn how to make decisions on their own and as a team.

    Money Management – Girls learn to create a budget and handle money.

   People Skills – Girls find their voice and build confidence through customer interactions.

   Business Ethics – Girls learn to act ethically, both in business and in life.

Troop Proceeds

Troops earn between and 75¢ and 95¢ per box, depending upon the average number of boxes sold per girl. She chart below for proceeds breakdown.

Older girl troops (Junior – Ambassador) may collectively choose to take an additional .05¢ per box instead of individual girl rewards, but girls will still earn patches and the higher non-LBB rewards. Eligible troops who do not opt out of rewards prior to the submission of the troop initial order, or the troop final rewards submission, will NOT be credited later by GSCB.

If the troop ended the 2022 Fall Product Program with an $80.00 per girl selling average, they can also earn an additional 2¢ per box during the 2023 Cookie Program. GSCB will enter this information into eBudde on behalf of any qualifying troop in January.

GSCB keeps physical custody of Juliette’s funds as it is against IRS guidelines for Juliettes to manage their funds in personal bank accounts.


Girls will earn rewards based on the number of boxes they sell. All the rewards levels are cumulative (If she earns the 100 boxes level, she will also earn all of the levels beneath that one). This year, GSCB is excited to offer some in-person events at the higher rewards levels. (NOTE: Details about programming will be sent to the girls who earn those reward levels at the end of the program season. GSCB reserves the right to cancel, postpone or substitute any in-person events for virtual events as necessary). 

Troop PGA rewards can be impacted as new girls are welcomed to a troop during the cookie season. Volunteers should be cognizant of the impact on Troop PGA, and work with girls to set goals that support the troop’s ability to earn the PGA rewards.

Troops who opt out of rewards will still receive the tangible initial order rewards.

To see all of the available rewards, visit Cookie Program Rewards

SU Cookie Share

Proceeds are given to Service Units for their support, time and energy dedicated to Product Programs. These proceeds are used to enhance and support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and deliver successful programs to all girls within the Service Unit.

Service Units will be provided a goal number of packages sold through Digital Cookie based on an increase of packages sold over the previous year.  

Service Units that meet or exceed their SU specific goal will be eligible to receive up to $0.03 per total SU overall packages. Increase in Initial Order, Operation Taste of Home and Digital Cookie.

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