After the Program

You did it! Your Girl Scouts followed their ambitions, strived towards their goals and earned rewards and proceeds to power your troop experiences. Don’t check out yet – There’s still a few things that will need to be wrapped up at the end of the program. 

End of Program - eBudde

You must make all changes in eBudde by March 18th, 2024

Some things to wrap up:

  1. Distribute troop cookie inventory in ebudde to girls that participated.
  2. Distribute any shipped Digital Cookie payments from the troop link site to girls who participated. 
  3. Add all girl payments in eBudde.
  4. Make rewards selections.
  5. Submit all final entries in eBudde.
Celebrate your girls’ successes with an end-of-year event or meeting. If you have received your troop’s final girl rewards, this is a great time to hand them out. 
Add/Manage Girl Payments:

Go to the “Girl Orders” tab and click on the girl’s name. 

Click on “Add Payment”.

At the bottom of the screen there should be a green box that appears in the Paid column. Double click in the box and enter the amount paid.

Click “OK”, then “Save” to complete the transaction. 

Tutorial Videos: 

If any girls have outstanding balances, ensure that you collect and deposit those funds prior to the March 22nd ACH withdrawal. 

If you have made at least 3 documented collection attempts and are unable to obtain funds from caregivers, complete the Caregiver Debt Form by March 19th, 2024. 

If because of caregiver debt or other circumstances you will not have enough funds in your account to cover the March 22nd, 2024 ACH withdrawal, you must complete an ACH Extension Request Form by March 19th, 2024.

Finalize & Submit Rewards:

eBudde will automatically calculate most rewards earned by girls – but ONLY if the cookies are transferred from the troop inventory to each girl who sold them. To ensure that each girl receives the correct rewards, make sure all cookies have been transferred. 

Review your Girl Orders tab and make sure the following are correct: Girl Totals, Troop Total, and Difference (Negative number indicates the troop has remaining inventory NOT assigned to a girl. Positive number indicates that more cookies were assigned to one or more girls than available in your inventory.)
You must submit your rewards by March 18th, 2024 at 11:59 PM. If selections are not made by that date, they will default to the first item listed. 
How to submit rewards selections:

Go to the “Rewards” tab.

Click on “Fill Out” next to Final Rewards Order.

Select each girls name and enter her choices and/or sizes.

Click “Submit Girl Order”. Once you have completed each girl’s order, click “Submit Reward Order” and “Confirm”. Only submit when you are sure you are ready. You cannot make edits after you submit.


Ask girls to choose which rewards they would like on the back of their order card. Ensure all girls have made their selections prior to collecting the order cards.

Tutorial Video: 

End of Program FAQs

What do I do with leftover cookies? 

If you end the program with leftover cookies, troops may continue selling them as long as all Cookie Program rules, pricing and regulations are followed. Talk to your SU Booth Champion to set up additional cookie booths after the regular program ends.

Troops wouldn’t earn towards rewards any longer, but the troop would still earn proceeds for those sales (you would just earn back what you already paid for at full price to council during the ACH).

Troops can choose a charitable cause to donate cookies to if they wish, but will still be held financially responsible for the balance due to council. 

How will the troop receive it’s proceeds? 

GSCB will email the Troop Cookie Champion the balance due to council on March 15th, 2024. That amount will be withdrawn from the troop bank account on March 22nd, 2024. The troop proceeds will remain in the account for use by the troop. All details including amount owed to council can be found on the Troop’s Sales Report tab in eBudde. 

When will girls receive their rewards? 

Initial Order rewards generally arrive after Cookie Delivery unless there are delays on the Bakery’s side. 

Final rewards will arrive in mid to late summer. They will be mailed to the Service Unit Cookie Champion for distribution. In some cases outside of our control, rewards can be backordered or delayed. 

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