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Cookie Inventory Updates

(March 1, 2022) Hello Service Unit Cookie Teams,
As we continue to navigate an amazing 2022 Cookie Program, Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay would like to provide our families and volunteers the most up to date information on the cookie inventory situation.

Further Actions: 

  • Cookie Variety:  As mentioned in our communication on February 17, 2022, you will begin to see cookie varieties unavailable for cupboard orders as of this week. For any pending orders that were entered to be picked up starting March 1, 2022, you will see that it has changed to one case per troop of Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints. 

  • Cupboard Consolidation: We have closed several cupboards so that we may consolidate our inventory which will make cookies accessible to everyone. Each cupboard has a limited number of cookies previously listed above. We have turned off the capability to order them as pending orders. Cupboard volunteers/staff are allowed to give out one case of each of the varieties previously listed and will add to your pending order when you arrive at your previously scheduled pickup if you need them. 

  • Booths:  If your troop does not already have cookies on hand for booths later in the season, there may not be inventory available. 

  • Digital Order Card: Girl delivery for Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints have been shut off at this time. 

  • Cookies in-hand: As girl delivery is shut off, in-hand orders will not be able to be processed for varieties that are shut off. How you can work around this is as follows if you have inventory available to sell: 

    • Select another cookie variety with the same price point as the one you are selling.  
    • Keep track of your cookies sold at the booth so you can enter the sale correctly in eBudde after the booth. This will ensure your troop’s cookie inventory isn’t negatively affected. 

  • Free Shipping Starts TODAY: To help Girl Scouts meet and exceed their goals, GSCB will be subsidizing digital cookie shipping from March 1st through March 13th. Customers purchasing $50 or more will receive Free Shipping. 

  • Paper Order Card Fulfillment & DOC in-person girl delivery: If you have any orders that girls have received on their paper order card or DOC girl delivery that have not been filled, which the troop is unable to fulfill from current inventory, please fill out the Inventory Fulfillment Request form so that we can set aside those cookies to fill their orders. This form MUST be submitted by Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 9 pm. All forms received after the deadline will not be fulfilled. GSCB Product Program Team will enter a pending order for the orders entered. CLICK HERE to see council-wide Cookie Cupboard availability.   

  • eBudde: We need the TCC to assign any cookies that are not already in eBudde to each girl by 9pm on Sunday, March 6, 2022. If you need assistance moving Troop Link Cookies to assign to your girls participating, please review the Moving Troop Link Cookies for Volunteers document.  

  • Rewards: We continue to assess the girl rewards at every level. We will be communicating early next week if any change is made. 

  • Service Unit Cookie Share: GSCB will honor any Service Unit that comes within 125 packages of their original goal. Remember, you must have also submitted your Initial Order rewards by the deadline to qualify for 2022 SU Cookie Share.

Recap of Cookie Inventory:

  Cupboards DOC Girl Delivery DOC Shipped Girl Order Cards
Adventurefuls None None None None
Lemon-Ups Available Available Available Available
Trefoils 1 Case Maximum None Available None
Do-Si-Dos Available Available Available Available
Samoas 1 Case Maximum None Available None
Tagalongs 1 Case Maximum None Available None
Thin Mints 1 Case Maximum None Available None
S’mores Available Available Available Available
Toffee-Tastics Available Available Available Available

We know that Adventurefuls are still a popular request amongst customers, volunteers and Girl Scout families. However, GSCB will not be receiving any additional inventory of Adventurefuls for the 2022 Cookie Program. 

Again, we are so proud of the outstanding work our GSCB Girl Scouts have put into their cookie businesses this year. We are in awe and amazement at the dedication of our volunteers and families to support them and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Thank you,
GSCB Product Program Team

Cookie Inventory Updates

(Feb 18, 2022) With the successes of our Girl Scouts and the continually evolving inventory situation we want to provide volunteers with the most up to date information. 

We know how important reaching cookie goals is and want to provide the full scope of where GSCB sits as the cookie inventory shortages have hit mainstream national media. 

At the beginning of this cookie season the GSCB team made a decision to purchase the maximum allotted inventory allowed to councils (110% of each variety forecasted by membership size) at the time of our Initial Order period. This has proved to be the most fruitful decision for our girls and troops as we are continuing to hear the situations of other councils having cookie shortages affecting even the fulfillment of initial orders taken. To break it down we received enough physical inventory too far surpass our sale last year.

Cookie Variety: As the cookie season progresses you will begin to see cookie varieties unavailable for cupboard orders as early as next week. We anticipate Samoas, Trefoils, and Lemon-Ups will begin to have limited availability.

Cupboard Consolidation: local cupboards will begin closing and inventory will be consolidated to centralized cupboards.

Booths: if your troop does not already have cookies on hand for booths later in the season there may not be inventory available.

Digital Order Card: girl delivery on additional varieties may begin to be shut off.

Cookies in hand: once girl delivery is shut off in hand orders will not able to be processed for varieties shut off. How you can work around this is as follows:

    • Select another cookie variety with the same price point as the one you are selling. 
    • Keep track of your cookies sold at the booth so you can enter the sale correctly in eBudde after the booth. This will ensure your troop’s cookie inventory isn’t negatively affected.

Free Shipping: to help Girl Scouts meet and exceed their goals GSCB will be subsidizing digital cookie shipping from March 1st through March 13th Customers purchasing $50 or more will receive Free Shipping ($14.99 value).

We are so proud of all the outstanding work our GSCB Girl Scouts have put into their cookie businesses this year! And are in awe and amazement ay the dedication of our volunteers and families to support them and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Cookie Inventory Update

Feb. 4, 2022 – Thank you for being patient as we continue to navigate what we know has been a challenging and frustrating cookie season so far. We have been informed by our baker that they are experiencing additional production challenges that have impacted the availability of some additional Girl Scout Cookies this season. Please read the below information carefully and do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. 

Girl Scout S’mores

  • If you have already ordered S’mores, you will receive what you have ordered. Starting on February 4, they will be removed from the Digital Order Card (DOC) for shipped orders, and supplies at booths will be minimal.


  • If you ordered Samoas, you will receive what you initially ordered. However, we will not accept any reorders at this time. We hope to have more inventory available in late February to early March. At this time, Samoas will remain on the DOC. 

We understand this information is not ideal and we are doing everything possible to ensure every Girl Scout can bring these flavors to their customers. While we hope that there will not be additional challenges this season, we will continue to do our best to mitigate the impact on our girls and troops. We will be sure to provide updates if needed. We ask that you continue to help spread the word that we have many other flavors available and to check with their local Girl Scout. 

Messaging for Girl Scouts to use with customers: Thank you so much for supporting my troop. Unfortunately, we are all sold out of [FLAVOR] right now, but what other flavors do you like? I’d be happy to help you find something you may enjoy, or you can donate to Operation Taste of Home.

Thank you for your continued support of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Adventurefuls Availability Update

Jan. 24th, 2022 – Our baker, Little Brownie Bakers (LBB), has informed us that as of today, Monday, January 24, shipped orders for Adventurefuls™ will temporarily be unavailable in the Digital Cookie platform to prioritize their availability for girl delivery, girl orders, and booth sales. While we understand this may be frustrating for some of your customers, LBB is working to bring this new flavor back as soon as possible for shipped orders.

Please note, this change is temporarily impacting only Adventurefuls™ for shipped orders —we encourage cookie customers to continue to support girl entrepreneurs, including ordering our other iconic flavors via girls’ Digital Cookie sites.

Should you have any questions about this change, please contact Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay at MemberCare@cbgsc.org.

Important Update from M2 Regarding Delayed Fall Product Rewards

December 3, 2021 – We know you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fall product program rewards and apologize for any inconvenience their delayed arrival may have caused. We are finding that we are not immune to the supply chain issues and shipping slowdowns that the rest of the world is also experiencing. Despite having placed orders with our vendors several months earlier than usual, we still have not received some of the items.

We were hopeful that all of our items would’ve arrived by now and that by slightly delaying your shipment, we could’ve sent you your complete order. However, we do not yet have confirmed delivery dates for our missing items. Therefore, we have made the decision to release partial shipments to avoid causing you further frustration. Please be assured that we will get these missing items out to you as soon as we have them in our warehouse and will update you as soon as we know more regarding the timing of these secondary shipments. Unfortunately, your shipment will be missing the items below.

· Clipboards

If you previously received a tracking email from FedEx, the status of your delivery will be updated as soon as FedEx takes possession of the package. If you have not yet received a notification from FedEx, you will receive one once your package is scanned into the FedEx system.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We truly appreciate your efforts and time.


Your M2 Media Team

Fall Product Fruit Slices & Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds Update

Oct. 8th, 2021 – A message from M2:

To our Girl Scout Council Customers –

As you have all heard, and by our last email regarding the Fruit Slices, lead times have increased greatly because of many issues including labor shortages, trucking shortages, and general ingredient shortages.  We are working with our suppliers on a daily/weekly basis to keep all our items in stock for the online stores.  However, when we come across a projected shortage (and we feel that there is a chance we cannot get more) we do need to make sure we have enough stock of a particular product for Girl Delivered Orders.  These orders take precedent over Online Direct Ship because customers have many options online from which to order.  Therefore, effective immediately, we do need to remove the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds from the Online Direct Ship store.  We currently have what we need, based on projections for Girl Delivered Orders.  The good news is that, also effective immediately, we can put the Fruit Slices back up on the Online Direct Ship store

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Fall Product Fruit Slices Update

(OCT. 4, 2021) Due to long production lead times and labor shortages, Trophy Nut Co. has made the difficult decision to temporarily remove fruit slices from the DIRECT SHIP girl store fronts (only).
This precaution is being taken to avoid any potential disruption to order card and online girl delivered sales. Trophy Nut Co. will be working diligently to bring this item back online as soon as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your patience and understanding.
If there are questions, please feel free to reach out to us at MemberCare@cbgsc.org so we can contact M2 for any additional details.

Important Date Changes!

Clean Up Booths and DOC Extension
We got this! Based on feedback regarding the end date for girls to earn rewards- we will be extending that date so all Walmart booth efforts are included! See below for detailed dates. We thank everyone for the patience as this cookie season progresses and we value your feedback! 

Important Dates:
Cookie Season Timeline to Earn Rewards
Now- March 21, 2021

Clean Up Booths 
(additional proceed amount TBA)

March 22, 2021- April 4, 2021

Digital Cookie Open
Now- April 4, 2021

Troops Locked out of eBudde
(deadline to distribute cookies to girls and enter rewards)
March 26, 2021 by Noon

Troop Emails with Final ACH amount
March 29, 2021

Deadline to Submit Final Rewards for SU Cookie Managers
March 29, 2021 by Noon

Parent Debt Request due
April 1, 2021 by Noon

ACH Extension Request
April 1, 2021 by Noon

Troop Deposit in Troop bank for Remaining Balance
April 1, 2021

ACH Remaining Balance
April 5, 2021

Troop emails with DOC credit amount
April 12, 2021

Troop ACH Deposit for remaining DOC Credit
April 16, 2021

Clean Up Booths and Extended Digital Cookie

To give girls an extended opportunity to reach their goals during this challenging season we will also be extending the opportunity to sell through Digital Cookie until April 4th, 2021. 

The timeframe to earn rewards will still remain from now through March 7th. Cookie sales occurring after the March 7th timeframe through clean up booths or DOC will result in additional cookie proceeds to the troop. This amount is still to be determined and we will follow up via email, eBudde messages, and social media regarding the amount.

Clean Up Booth Operations (3/8/21- 4/4/21):

  • Troops may use cookies left, however additional proceeds can not be given as these will be coming from final troop ACH.
  • Troops may schedule by appointment only at council cupboards a cookie pick up, however these cookies cannot be returned. 
  • Cupboard pickups can be scheduled upon request during this time
  • Payment for additional cookies, minus the proceeds, will be required by either a check or credit card (except Grubhub booths). 

Walmart/Iron Hill Booth Updates

Walmart Booths

We are excited to report we received the approval from GSUSA to begin our outreach to Walmart managers to obtain final approval for booth locations along with dates and times. This will be coordinated with GSCB staff so please do not contact Walmart directly.

Walmart/Sam’s Club booth dates:
Feb 19, 20, 21
Feb 26, 27, 28
Mar 5, 6, 7
Mar 12, 13, 14
Mar 20, 21

How to sign up:
Beginning February 15th troops can sign up for ONE BOOTH.
If there are additional open booth slots on February 18th we will communicate to Troop Cookie Managers via eBudde messages and social media for troops to have the availability to choose additional booth offerings from the remaining slots.

Iron Hill Brewery Booths

GSCB is partnering with Iron Hill Brewery again to offer troops the chance to host cookie booths at one of the three locations in Rehobeth Beach, Wilmington, and Newark, DE over National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.

Cookie booths at these locations will take place from February 19th through February 21st on Friday 4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday 12 pm to 8 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm. These booths will be made available for troops to sign up in eBudde on a first-come, first serve basis.

Although this booth opportunity is a council sponsored booth, troops must bring their own materials for these booths. 

Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay