Troop Fall Product Champion Manual 

Service Unit Fall Product Champion Manual

Fall Product Girl and Family Flyer

Fall Product 2023 Order Card

Fall Product Girl Goal Chart

Fall Product Care to Share Donation Receipts

Fall Product Activity Workbook

How to Access gsLearn Video Tutorial

M2 Reports Breakdown

Global Check Recovery Form – Fill out this form and turn it in to your troop bank (you do not need to bring or send it to GSCB). This is a free service for troops to collect funds on any bounced checks by a third-party.

Parent Debt Form – If you experience difficulty obtaining owed funds from a parent/caregiver after multiple attempts, complete the Parent Debt Form to protect your troop from financial responsibility for that balance. For more information on Parent Debt, visit Money Management

ACH Extension Request – If a troop has Parent Debt and cannot cover their troop debit for any given ACH, they must fill out the Parent Debt Form and an ACH Extension Request FormACH Extension Requests are due December 4th for the 2023 Fall Product Program.

Communication and PR Guidelines

  • Service Units should:
    • Keep the Product Program team informed.
    • Keep the Service Unit team informed.
    • Set up and send clear communications to the troops. Try to be as accessible as possible – us a SU Facebook group, SU email address and/or newsletter.
    • Remember to share with troops how to contact you and all your SU dates and deadlines.
  • For Product complaints or other situations that may be related to PR and/or Marketing/Communications:
    • Prompt notification to GSCB is critical to handling the situation effectively.
    • Please refer all calls or contact from the media to GSCB as we would like to provide a consistent message based on facts as they are gathered by GSCB staff.
  • Notify GSCB Staff as follows:
    • During regular business hours (Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am – 12pm): Contact or 800-341-4007
    • After hours, for immediate attention: 302-451-9300
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