Fall Product Program Rewards

Color and style of rewards may vary and accessories are not included for any rewards. Due to availability at the end of the program, a comparable item, activity or date may be substituted for any patch or reward. 

$250+ Total Sales

Seal Charm & Bracelet

$350+ Total Sales

Small Seal Plush & Seal Keychain

$450+ Total Sales


$600+ Total Sales Large Seal Plush OR 
LED Strip Lights

$800+ Total Sales

Dry Bag & Color Changing Sunglasses

$1000+ Total Sales

Beach Towel & Go Bright Ahead T-shirt

$1250+ Total Sales

Raddish Kids 6 Month Subscription


2+ Magazine Sales

Go Bright Ahead Patch

18+ Nut/Candy Items

2022 Patch

18+ Emails Sent

Swimming Seal Patch

5+ Operation Taste of Home Donations

Operation Taste of Home Patch

100+ Nut, Candy, and Magazine Items

100+ Patch

$275+ Total Sales, 18+ Emails Sent and Avatar Created, and “Share My Site” function in the M2 system used a minimum of 1 time

Personalized Patch

18+ Emails Sent During Fall Product, Avatar Created, “Share My Site” function used a minimum of 1 time + 325 Packages of Cookies Sold during 2023 Cookie Program

Crossover Patch

Special Promotions

Pop-Up Pro

Throughout the Fall Product Program, we will be hosting 3 pop-up promotions. What they are is still a secret, but we’ll give you a heads up on when they’re happening:

  1. Sept. 30 – Oct. 7
  2. Oct. 21 – Oct. 23
  3. Nov. 2 – Nov. 6

If you participate in and meet the requirements for ALL 3 pop-up promotions, you’ll be entered to win a GIANT stuffed seal plush.

Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay