Supporting Your Service Unit

Managing Troops

During the Cookie Program, you will maintain close communication with troops within your Service Unit to stay updated on cookie happenings, relay announcements from council, and offer your guidance and support. You should remind troops of deadlines and keep cookie spirits high by being a cookie promoter and a resource for troop questions and concerns.

To keep track of Troop Cookie Managers (TCMs) in your Service Unit and their contact information, feel free to use this SU TCM Template to help you stay organized. 

Hosting A Service Unit Cookie Meeting

A pre-Cookie Program troop meeting, good communication, and documentation throughout the program are key to your Service Unit’s success. You may not be able to meet in-person this year, but you can still host a Service Unit cookie meeting virtually.

At this meeting, you’ll help troops understand:

When’s the perfect time to hold your meeting? Schedule the meeting after you’ve had your Service Unit level training from GSCB, but prior to the start of the Cookie Program (December 12th!). GSCB will be holding virtual trainings for troops this year, but it’s still a good idea to touch base with your troops often. 

Managing Juliettes/Individual Participants

Juliette Girl Scouts are girls who participate in Girl Scouts individually, outside of a traditional troop. This option offers flexibility in schedule, and allows the program to be 100% girl-led. Despite not being part of a troop, Juliettes can still participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program! In addition, girls who are participating in a troop but the troop is not participating in the Cookie Program, or the troop is not meeting currently due to COVID-19, can also still participate in the Cookie Program as an individual girl. 

Supporting Juliettes or individual girl participants is slightly different than supporting troops.

The GSCB Product Program team will provide you with an eBudde troop number for any Juliette Girl Scout in your Service Unit. Returning Juliettes will keep the same eBudde troop number they had previously. 

The adult volunteer or parent/caregiver supervising the Girl Scout will be given “view only” access to eBudde. You will notify the the volunteer/parent/caregiver of the troop number to use in eBudde and how to login to the system. If the parent/caregiver is registered and background checked, and                   has viewed the troop cookie training, they may be given full access to eBudde. 

You will provide the Girl Scout with the necessary materials and inform the volunteer/parent/caregiver of any Cookie Program trainings or SU meetings about the Cookie Program they should attend.

Juliettes must follow the same guidelines for troops, and Juliettes can participate in the same opportunities as troops for selling cookies. Juliettes report to the SU Cookie Manager.

Juliettes are not required to take full cases of cookies. They only pick up cookies for which they have orders.

Juliettes can conduct cookie booths on their own, but two adults must be present, one of whom should be a registered GSCB member.

Juliette families must make cookie payments to GSCB via credit card, check, or by providing their bank account information in eBudde for automatic ACH debits. GSCB will not make credits towards Juliette’s personal bank accounts due to IRS guidelines for Girl Scouts – GSCB will take custody of                      those funds on behalf of Juliette Girl Scouts.


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