Ebudde LogoEBudde is the online cookie program management system we use to keep track of orders, payments, debt, rewards and more. Although a volunteer could manage the entire cookie program from the eBudde App, you can use the desktop version of eBudde, if you prefer. Many volunteers use the desktop version to get the hang of it and enter initial information, then use the app for the remainder of the season. 

Getting Set Up in eBudde

Log in to eBudde. At the start of the program, you will receive an email with login instructions.

Review and update your contact information, if needed.

Manage your Service Unit Contacts in the Settings Tab.

      • Service Unit Managers – This user can make any changes in the system. 
      • Service Unit Cookie Chairs – This user can make any changes in the system.
      • Service Unit View Only User – This user can only see the screens and print reports. They cannot make any changes in the system.
      • Service Unit Booth Site Approvers – This user can only use the Booth Site and Report tabs. 

Review the Troops tab to verify all of your participating troops are showing up. If they are not, contact your Volunteer Support Specialist. 

Using eBudde

You can post messages and events on the eBudde dashboard for troops to see. Send a message by going to the “Settings” tab, clicking the “Edit Message” or “Edit Calendar” buttons. 

Do not delete messages posted on the dashboard by GSCB. 

Sending Emails through eBudde to Troop eBudde Users

  1. Sign into eBudde and click the “Contacts” tab
  2. Click the purple “Email Branch” button at the top of this tab
  3. Enter your email subject line and body of the email, then select whom you wish to send the email to with the check boxes beneath the “Send Email To” section on the right.
  4. When finished typing your email, click the “I’m not a robot” button and follow the prompts.
  5. Lastly, click the purple “Send Email” at the bottom of the page. (This email may need to be forwarded to SU eBudde users who are not associated with a Troop user role in eBudde from your personal email.)


Deadline for SUCMs to submit Initial Order: January 21st, 2021 at 12pm 

Unsubmit a Troop Order

If a troop accidentally submits their Initial Order before they are ready, or there’s an error that needs to be fixed, SUCMs can unsubmit a troop’s order prior to 1/21/20 at 12pm.
To unsubmit:
  • Click on the “Troops” tab.
  • Locate the troop whose initial cookie and/or rewards order needs to be un-submitted.
  • Click the blue button labeled “Unsub. Cookie Order” or “Unsub. Rewards Order”.
  • Troop will need to make changes and resubmit the initial cookie and/or rewards order – OR you can make the changes on the troop’s behalf.
To make changes to a troop order yourself at the SU level:
  • Click on the troop number from the dashboard at the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the “Init. Order” tab and make changes.
  • Click “Submit” button.

Finalize and Submit the Initial Order

Once all troops have submitted their initial orders, the SUCM should go to the Initial Order tab and review each troop order once more before pressing Submit.


Delivery Setup

  • On the left side of the dashboard in eBudde, click the green “Delivery” button.
  • Click the “Settings” tab and then click the purple “Edit Settings” button to update your SU delivery information. 
  • In the middle of the page, you will wee a Signup Sheet Criteria that will need to be updated before your troops can sign up for time slots. You must enter a “Time Allotment” in minutes. Troop Case Overflow can be set to your preference (most troops don’t pickup more than 200 cases at Initial Order), and a Number of Pickup Stations (in almost every case, you’ll only have one).
  • Once these criteria are set, you can add your pickup date and times. Of course, this can only occur after the delivery has happened, so be mindful when selecting times.

Delivery: Troop Signups

Once you have set up your SU delivery time slot and criteria, you can ask your troops to sign up for a time slot to pick up their troop’s initial order. eBudde automatically sets up a time slot table for troops to choose from based on the criteria you filled out in your Delivery Settings tab. Troops must have submitted their initial order before they can select a delivery pickup time slot. 

Troops sign up by:

  • Clicking on the “Delivery” tab. 
  • Selecting from the choices provided and designating their pickup person.
  • Clicking the “Submit my Info” button and printing confirmation.

Finalize Troop Cookie Inventory

SUCM should review each troop to ensure they have finalized their own cookie inventory. To do this: 

  • Select the appropriate troop from the left hand dashboard of troop numbers. 
  • Click on the “Girl Orders” tab.
  • Verify the following totals at the bottom of the screen:
    • Girl Totals – total amount entered as sold in each category
    • Troop Order – the total amount entered as sold in each category
    • Difference – A negative number indicates the troop has remaining inventory NOT assigned to a girl, and a positive number indicates there are more cookies assigned to girls than available in the inventory.

Submit Final Troop Rewards

SUCM should review each troop to ensure they have submitted their final rewards with all of the necessary information (shirt sizes, catalog selections, etc.). SUCM can edit all reward orders at the same time, or click each girl individually to edit, if needed, or the SUCM can unsubmit rewards orders for troops to edit. 
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