ANY registered Girl Scout can participate in the Cookie Program – even if she’s not participating in a traditional troop, her troop is not participating in the Cookie Program, or her troop is not currently meeting due to COVID-19. 

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How to Participate as a Juliette or Individual Member

Each Girl Scout Juliette or Individual Member must have and adult volunteer to supervise her participation in the Cookie Program. This volunteer could be a parent/caregiver, a Service Unit Juliette Coordinator, another Troop Cookie Manager, or a volunteer recruited by the Service Unit                     team. This adult must be a registered Girl Scout volunteer and be able to fulfill the same                                     responsibilities of the Troop Cookie Manager.

Juliettes/Individual Members selling cookies have three participation options: 

        • Sell individually – Her cookie order and rewards will be sent to the Service Unit Cookie Manager. The cookie proceeds are deposited into the GSCB bank account*.
        • Sell with a troop – The troop can be any level. Her rewards and proceeds are managed by the troop. The troop must include the Juliette/individual member in opportunities to participate in program activities.
        • Sell with a group of Juliettes within her Service Unit – The cookie proceeds are deposited into the GSCB bank account*.
*Juliettes/individual members are not legally allowed to keep proceeds for their sales. GSCB retains custody of any funds they have available for the remainder of her Girl Scout participation.

Reach out to your Volunteer Support Specialist to get started!

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