Initial Order

The initial order period begins January 6th, 2024. During this time, Girl Scouts take orders on their order card or online using Digital Cookie for girl-delivery or Gift of Caring donations. 

At the end of the initial order period, girls enter the orders from their paper order card on the My Cookies tab in Digital Cookie – you can share this tip sheet for instructions. Note, if directing families to enter their own orders, Troop Cookie Champions must pull a report to find this information and enter it into eBudde (it will not automatically populate in eBudde for you). The second option is that girls and families turn in their order cards to the Troop Cookie Champion, who enters the orders into eBudde manually. The Troop Cookie Champion has the opportunity to order additional cookies for the Direct Sale period during the initial order. 

Once the initial order is placed, the Troop Cookie Champion will pick-up the troop’s cookie order at the date and time designated by the Service Unit. He/she will sort the order by girl, and then distribute the cookies to girls and caregivers.

Initial Order - eBudde

It is the Troop Cookie Champion’s responsibility to enter girl orders into eBudde before January 24th, 2024 at 11:59 AM We suggest setting a hard deadline for all order cards and money to be turned in, giving the TCC adequate time to organize and enter the orders. 

eBudde may take up to 20 minutes to update your troop’s PGA and rewards after you’ve finished order entry. Don’t wait until the last minute! 

Digital Cookie Orders will be paused on January 22, 2024 at NOON (12 pm) so the troop can finalize rewards and paper initial orders easily. 

Entering Girl Orders:

Collect girl order cards. Check the family’s math and balance the columns both horizontally, then vertically. Ensure that, if applicable, they have made their reward selections. If you are having girls enter their own orders in Digital Cookie, we recommend having them send you a photo of their order card so you can review for errors in eBudde. If your troop caregivers entered their initial paper order cards into Digital Cookie, pull the report offered in your Troop account to add those orders into eBudde’s Initial Order tab. They will not be sent to eBudde from Digital Cookie automatically.

Go to the Initial Order tab. Input each girl’s order in the individual girl’s row by clicking her name, then entering the quantities she sold for each flavor (in boxes). Click the “Save” button to the right, then “OK” after each entry.

Once all of the girl’s orders are entered and verified, and you have added any extra cookies you would like to order, click “Submit Troop IO”, then “Submit Order”, then “OK”.

Go to the Rewards tab. Review that the number of rewards to be ordered is correct. Note your troop’s PGA and rewards will update after your Initial Order is submitted, but this may take up to 20 minutes.

Tutorial Video: 
Submitting Initial Order Rewards:
 Go the “Rewards” tab. Ensure that the “Initial Order” bubble is selected. Then, click “Fill Out”.

 Either fill out the Initial Order Rewards for all of the girls at one time, or click on each individual girl and complete any applicable rewards selections that need to be made. You may need to submit any unselected rewards options for all girls before you can hit the Submit button.

If you need to make changes to your Initial Cookie Order or your Initial Order Rewards after you submit, you must contact your Service Unit Cookie Champion prior to January 24th at noon. 

If a girl sold Girl-Delivery orders in Digital Cookie, you will see that number pre-populated in the column labeled “DOC Girl Del.”. You do not need to do anything with this number.

Initial Order inventory is entered by the troop in packages in eBudde’s Initial Order tab. eBudde will automatically round the troop’s Initial Order up to the nearest case in each variety. This is reflected in the ‘Others’ row. For example, if, once you are done entering the girls initial orders, if you have 10 packages total of Lemon-Ups, eBudde will add 2 packages to your Others row to equal 1 case (1 case = 12 packages). The two extra boxes of Lemon-Ups can then be utilized to fill additional orders or during a booth sale.

If you are planning a cookie booth or walkabout soon after delivery, you can order extra cookies during your initial order to have on hand. Enter the amount you would like to order extra in the BOOTH row. Troops are financially responsible for ALL cookies in their inventory. Cookies cannot be returned at any time, only exchanged or transferred between troops. 

How Many Extra Cookies Should I Order During Initial Order? 

  • If you participated last year, you can review your 2024 cookie report by selecting the correct year date from the Sales Season drop down box at the top of the screen in eBudde.
  • Consider the number of booths (if any) your troop will participate in during the first few weeks of the Direct Sale period.

Note: If the troop runs out of cookies before the end of the program and wants to restock, they can order cookies from a Cookie Cupboard, or take excess cookies off of another troop’s hands by using Cookie Exchange. 

Initial Order - Digital Cookie

The Troop Cookie Champion does not submit anything in Digital Cookie. However, your troop may choose to set up your Troop Link for later use, and the TCC may need to support girls and caregivers in learning how to use the Digital Cookie platform. See tip sheets below.

Digital Cookie Tipsheets

Initial Order Rewards

Troops that place an initial order with an average of 225+ packages per girl selling will qualify for the Long Sleeve T-shirt and charm.

Girl Selling – Any girl that has cookies assigned to her IO name/row in eBudde, including Digital Cookie orders. Girls with no cookies assigned to them are not considered “selling” and will not be counted in the average or receive initial order rewards.

eBudde will calculate the per girl average (PGA) based on the total number of packages the troop orders (Girl Packages + Other Packages + Booth Packages = Total Troop Packages ÷ Number of Girls Selling).

Troops will earn one long sleeve t-shirt per girl plus one for a troop volunteer.

Initial order rewards will be shipped to Service Unit Cookie Champions following the Initial Order and delivery.

 Eligible troops that opt out of rewards during the Initial Order are still eligible and will receive physical initial order rewards.

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