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Cookie Program Readiness

GSCB Product Program Champion Agreement – All Troop Cookie Champions and Service Unit Cookie Champions must complete this agreement prior to the start of the Cookie Program.

GSCB Product Program Family Agreement – The family of any participating girl must complete the family agreement prior to participation. Girls without an agreement on file will not receive an order card. 

GSCB Cookie Booth Champion Agreement – All Cookie Booth Champions must complete this agreement prior to the start of their role in the Cookie Program.

GSCB Cookie Cupboard Champion Agreement – All Cookie Cupboard Champions must complete this agreement prior to the start of their role int he Cookie Program.

SU Troop Cookie Champion Template – This template is for use by SUCCs to keep track of Troop Cookie Champions (TCCs) in their Service Unit and their contact information.

Money Management

Global Check Recovery Form – Fill out this form and turn it in to your troop bank (you do not need to bring or send it to GSCB). This is a free service for troops to collect funds on any bounced checks by a third-party.

Parent Debt Form – If you experience difficulty obtaining owed funds from a parent/caregiver after multiple attempts, complete the Parent Debt Form to protect your troop from financial responsibility for that balance. For more information on Parent Debt, visit Cookie Money Management

ACH Extension Request – If a troop has Parent Debt and cannot cover their troop debit for any given ACH, they must fill out the Parent Debt Form and an ACH Extension Request FormACH Extension Requests are due February 20th, 2023 for the first ACH and March 22nd, 2023 for the final ACH. 

Cookie Delivery

SU Cookie Delivery Form – Use this form to submit your SU delivery information (location, date preference, etc.) for your initial order delivery and any additional cupboard deliveries. All forms are due by November 20, 2022.

Program Resources

Cookie Captain Commitment Form – Due by April 1st, 2023. 

Master Cookie Creators Application – Due by January 27th, 2023. 

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Workbook Submission Form – Due by March 12th, 2023.

Cookie Booth Resources

Booth Spreadsheet – Utilize this spreadsheet format to submit any and all secured Cookie Booths to council.

Certificate of Insurance – Service Unit Booth Coordinators may need to request a Certificate of Insurance from GSCB while managing booth locations. 

OTH Donation Receipt Cookies MY22 – Share with customers who choose to donate through Operation Taste of Home.

Introductory Letter – Service Unit Booth Coordinators should utilize this template to make initial contact with previous Cookie Booth locations they would like to set up a booth at. 

Booth Merchant Agreement – Provide this agreement to your booth location upon receiving their permission to hold a booth at their location.

Confirmation Letter – Once you have confirmed a booth with a location, send this follow up letter with the location, date and time, so you both have it documented.

Booth Coordinator Thank You Note Sample – SU Booth Coordinators can use this sample of a thank you note to send to booth locations at the close of the program. 

Troop Leader Thank You Note Sample – A Troop Leader can use this same of a thank you note to send to the booth location(s) their troop visited. 

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