Initial Order

The initial order period begins January 2nd, 2021. During this time, Girl Scouts take orders on their order card or online. At the end of the initial order period, girls turn in their order cards to the Troop Cookie Manager, who enters the orders into eBudde. The Troop Cookie Manager has the opportunity to order additional cookies for booth sales (in-person, traditional booths, drive-thrus, etc.) during the initial order. 

Once the initial order is placed, the Troop Cookie Manager will pick-up the troop’s cookie order at the date and time designated by the Service Unit. He/she will sort the order by girl, and then distribute the cookies to parents/caregivers. 

If the troop runs out of cookies before the end of the program and wants to restock, they can order cookies from a Cookie Cupboard, or take excess cookies off of another troop’s hands by using Cookie Exchange. 

Troops are financially responsible for ALL cookies in their inventory. Cookies cannot be returned at any time, only exchanged or transferred between troops.

How Many Extra Cookies Should I Order During Initial Order? 

  • If you participated last year, you can review your 2020 cookie report by selecting the correct year date from the Sales Season drop down box at the top of the screen in eBudde.
  • Consider the number of booths (if any) your troop will participate in during the first few weeks.
  • S’mores and Toffee-tastic cookies are guaranteed at 100% through your initial order. A limited quantity may be available in cookie cupboards and GSCB will work to fill orders as needed. Use the stats below to inform your initial order quantities.

Entering Your Initial Order in eBudde

  • Collect girl order cards. Check the family’s math and balance the columns both horizontally, then vertically.
  • Input each girl’s order in the individual girl’s row under the Initial Order tab.
    • Click the girl’s name.
    • Enter the quantities in the boxes at the bottom. You can tab through to the next box to enter each variety. Click the “OK” button to the right, at the end of the row, and then “Save” after each entry.
  • Digital Cookie Girl Delivery Orders for Initial Order period (only) will automatically transfer to eBudde as part of the girl’s initial order. You will see this information under each girl’s row labeled “DOC Girl Del.” on the Initial Order Tab.
  • Initial Order inventory is placed in packages in eBudde. Be aware that eBudde will automatically round up to the nearest case in each variety. This is reflected in the ‘Extras’ row.
      • For example, if, once you are done entering the girls initial orders, you have 10 packages total of Lemon-Ups, eBudde will add 2 packages to your Extras row to equal 1 case (1 case = 12 packages). The two extra boxes of Lemon-Ups can then be utilized to fill additional orders or during a booth sale.
  • Once all of the girl’s orders are entered and verified, click “Submit Order”.
  • Complete the Initial Troop Rewards order under the Rewards tab by reviewing and confirming the correct number of initial order rewards to be ordered. Click “Submit”.

For more information on entering orders in ebudde, visit eBudde for TCMs.

Initial Order Rewards

  • Troops that place an initial order with an average of 185+ packages per girl selling will qualify for the initial order reward sweatshirt and 2021 patch.
  • Girl Selling – Any girl that has cookies assigned to her name/row in eBudde. Girls with no cookies assigned to them are not considered “selling” and will not be counted in the average or receive initial order rewards.Girl Scout Life Sweatshirt and Patch
  • eBudde will calculate the per girl average (PGA) based on the total number of packages the troop orders (Girl Packages + Other Packages + Booth Packages = Total Troop Packages ÷ Number of Girls Selling).
  • Troops will earn one sweatshirt per girl plus one for a troop volunteer.
  • Initial order rewards will be shipped to Service Unit Cookie Managers following the Initial Order and delivery.

Cookie Delivery - Guidelines for a Smooth Pick-up Day

  • Know exactly how many cookie cases you ordered of each variety.
  • Arrive at or right before your scheduled pick-up time.
  • Make sure you have enough vehicles to load your order (see guide below for help).
  • Pull all your vehicles into the line at the same time.
  • Check-in and receive your pick-up ticket.
  • Give pick-up ticket to loader and count the cases BEFORE they are loaded into your vehicle to ensure accuracy.
  • Sign for your order and take your receipt.

You are financially responsible for any cookies that you’ve signed for! 

Cookies cannot be returned once they are picked up. Troops are responsible for counting and verifying the total number of cases. Troops accept financial responsibility by signing the receipt. Once receipts are signed, case counts are final, and cookies are the property of that troop.

 WHEN IN DOUBT, RECOUNT AND RECOUNT AGAIN. Wait until you are sure about your case count to sign your receipt.

Cookie Delivery Tips for Service Unit Cookie Managers

  • Bring a copy of the delivery schedule from GSCB so you have the phone tree with you to call the next delivery site.
  • Remember to use or print the Dot Sheets provided in eBudde so you can easily see what each troop is going to receive and tape it to their cookie pile.
  •  Damaged cookies shouldn’t be accepted at your delivery. If there’s damages, ask the driver to keep them and let GSCB know to get them replaced.
  • It will help to arrive at the delivery site about 30+ minutes early. You may also want to enlist helpers for the day-of delivery.
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