Ebudde LogoEBudde is the online cookie program management system we use to keep track of orders, payments, debt, rewards and more. Although a volunteer could manage the entire cookie program from the eBudde App, you can use the desktop version of eBudde, if you prefer. Many volunteers use the desktop version to get the hang of it and enter initial information, then use the app for the remainder of the season. 

Getting Set Up in eBudde

Log in to eBudde. At the start of the program, you will receive an email with login instructions.

Review your Troop Dashboard.

Enter your troop details in the Troop Settings tab. If not already entered, you’ll be asked to enter your bank name, bank account and routing numbers, and your opt in/opt out                     status for rewards. 

Verify all of the girls in your troop appear on your roster. (If you have missing girls, double-check that they are registered Girl Scouts. If no, they will need to complete their registration                 and will then be included in the next upload to eBudde. If                         they are registered, contact MemberCare@cbgsc.org with                         your troop number and girl’s name(s)).

eBudde App

eBudde troop app

The eBudde App provides support for volunteers at every phase of the Cookie Program. It has everything you need to manage orders on the go, all from your mobile phone or tablet! Available for download wherever you buy apps.

Getting Familiar with eBudde Tabs

To get your Cookie Program started, you need cookies! Troops place an initial order with GSCB prior to beginning the program. This ensures troop have cookies in-hand at the start of the sale.

Entering and Submitting Your Initial Order

  • Collect girl order cards. Check the family's math and balance the columns both horizontally, then vertically.
  • Input each girl's order in the individual girl's row under the Initial Order tab.
    • Click the girl's name.
    • Enter the quantities in the boxes at the bottom. You can tab through to the next box to enter each variety. Click the "OK" button to the right, at the end of the row, and then "Save" after each entry.

  • DOC Girl Delivery Orders for Initial Order period (only) will automatically transfer to eBudde as part of the girl's initial order. You will see this information under each girl's row labeled "DOC Girl Del." on the Initial Order Tab.

  • Initial Order inventory is placed in packages in eBudde. Be aware that eBudde will automatically round up to the nearest case in each variety. This is reflected in the 'Extras' row.
    • For example, if, once you are done entering the girls initial orders, you have 10 packages total of Lemon-Ups, eBudde will add 2 packages to your Extras row to equal 1 case (1 case = 12 packages). The two extra boxes of Lemon-Ups can then be utilized to fill additional orders or during a booth sale.

  • Once all of the girl's orders are entered and verified, click "Submit Order".
  • Complete the Initial Troop Rewards order under the Rewards tab by reviewing and confirming the correct number of initial order rewards to be ordered. Click "Submit".

Add Additional Orders

After the Initial Order is placed, girls may continue to sell cookies using order cards or at booths, drive-thrus, etc. Those orders need to recorded in eBudde so she can receive the correct rewards at the end of the program. To enter additional orders AFTER the Initial Order period, go to the "Girl Orders" tab.

Once you have submitted your initial order, you'll need to sign up for a time to pick-up your troop's cookies. The Service Unit determines the delivery day and sets the time slots. You can easily select a time slot in eBudde. Remember - if you aren't available that day, you can always designate another troop volunteer or parent/caregiver to pick up your troops cookies.


Cookie Cupboards

A cookie cupboard is a troop's go-to spot to get more cookies throughout the program. Cookie cupboards do not collect any money; all orders are transferred in eBudde at the time of the pick-up and a receipt will automatically be generated. Cookie cupboard inventory may not be guaranteed. We encourage troops to create a Pending Order by Sunday, at the latest, of the week prior to the cupboard opening for the next week to ensure availability of cookie varieties. For more details, visit Cookie Cupboards. ALL GSCB Cookie Cupboards are closed Mondays to take inventory and get in reorders to the council office. Newark Cookie Cupboard Hours Opens February 2nd, 2021 Monday: Closed for inventory Tuesday/Thursday: 9am - 4:45pm Wednesday: 12pm - 6:45pm Friday: 9am - 6:45pm Saturday: 8am - 12pm Sunday: 10am - 1pm Service Unit Cupboard Hours Check availability of your local cupboard with the Cookie Cupboard Coordinator for your Service Unit.

Create a Pending Order in eBudde

After you receive and sell your initial order cookies (or if you didn’t place an order for extra IO cookies), your troop will likely need more. Pending Orders should be submitted by a Troop eBudde user or anyone designated as a “Troop Cookie Pickup User Only” on the Contacts tab of eBudde. This pickup person will need their eBudde login information with them when they arrive to the Cookie Cupboard, so remind them to set up their account well before stopping in to the cupboard.

Why Place a Pending Order?

Placing a pending order allows the cupboard to plan ahead and make sure the cookies are available for you. It also encourages you to think ahead about your troop’s needs and communicate regularly with your troop’s parents about inventory. Pending Orders are important for council cookie inventory control and help ensure Cookie Cupboards across the council remain stocked with all cookie varieties.

Are Cookies Available without a Pending Order?

In very few instances will a Cookie Cupboard allow you to take out cookies without having placed a pending order in GSCB. It’s the practice you should follow to pick up more cookies for your troop. If you have questions, you can reach out to MemberCare@cbgsc.org or your local Service Unit cookie Cupboard Coordinator.

When are Pending Orders Available for Pick-up?

Cookie cupboard hours are usually entered in eBudde so pending orders can be placed within those hours of operation for each cookie cupboard. Understand that a cupboard order may need to be placed hours, or days, ahead of the pickup date depending on the location.

Placing a Pending Order
  • Click on the "Transactions" tab in eBudde
  • Click on the purple "Add a Transaction" button
  • Select the date and time you will pick-up the order
  • Type - select "Normal"
  • Under "Second Party" - select your desired cupboard location
  • Enter number of cookies in packages and/or cases by variety
  • Product Movement - select "ADD Product" to your Troop
  • Click "Save/Print" when complete
    • If you click "Okay", it will take you back to view orders.
    • The order will remain "Pending" until it's picked up by a qualified Troop eBudde user.

Keep Track of Your Pending Orders

Pick-Up Your Cookies from a Cupboard

When picking up cookies, a registered cookie pick-up person is required. This ensures better cookie inventory management for your troop. Troops may have more than one Cookie Pick-up Person.

Follow these steps to designate your Troop Cookie Pick-up Users in eBudde:
  • Click on the "Settings" tab in eBudde
  • Click the purple "Edit Settings" button
  • Scroll down to Troop Cookie Pick-up Only Users
  • Fill in email address, first and last name, then scroll to the bottom and select "Update". Do this for each person you think you will have pick-up cookies during the season.
Important Reminders:
  • Troop Cookie Managers and Co-Leaders DO NOT need to be listed as a Troop Cookie Pick-up User - they already have that access and, in fact, if you add them as a Troop Cookie Pick-up User in eBudde, those users will lose their access to other aspects of the eBudde program.
  • Add these users in eBudde BEFORE sending them to pick-up cookies and ask them to use the email they receive to login and setup their password.
  • When they arrive to the cupboard for pick-up, they will need their login information so make sure they have it memorized or with them. It is required.

Cookie Exchange

Connect with troops in your area to exchange excess cookies throughout the program with the eBudde Cookie Exchange.

EBudde’s Cookie Exchange now has improved features that allow you to see what cookies other troops have available in excess inventory. It also allows you to post extra cookies you have available. Visit the “Cookie Exch” tab to take a look and enter your excess troop cookies. (NOTE: Although you may list extra cookies here, you may not always be able to get rid of them.)

Transfer Cookies in eBudde

When Would a Transfer Need to Happen?

Every time cookies are picked up from a cupboard or Troop Cookie Manager, cookies must be transferred in eBudde to a troop or a girl. Cupboard transactions are completed during a pending order pickup. Girl orders are done by the troop.

Can I Transfer Cookies Between Two Girls?  Transfer from Troop to Girl
  • On the "Girl Order" tab, click the girl's name and "Add Trans." button.
  • In the (green) comment box, key in a note about the transfer.
  • Tab across and enter the packages for each column. If needed, you may enter a payment now, or add another row for it later.
  • Press "Enter" to finish and then "OK".
  • The information entered will be displayed on the grid. Confirm it's correct.
  • Click "Save".
Transfer from Troop to Troop
  • Select the "Transactions" tab and choose the date.
  • Type - select "Normal"
  • Second Party - select "Troop"
  • Product Movement - select "Remove Product"
  • Enter the quantity and variety in the appropriate fields
  • Confirm the contact information is correct
  • Click "OK" to save, then "Save" again to complete the transaction
  • "Save and Print", if you wish

A Note on Cookie Booths

*All Cookie Booth and direct sale activity rules, dates, and guidance are tentative and subject to change as we continue to monitor restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Be on the lookout for new, creative and safe ways to sell to the public.

Cookie Booths are set up by the SU Booth Coordinator and council only. If your troop has an idea for a Cookie Booth, be sure to check with your SU Booth Coordinator and have them work with you and the location to set up a booth. This ensures that the booth isn’t already set up in your Service Unit and if it’s in another Service Unit’s boundaries, that the appropriate approval is met. All booths should be scheduled and registered in eBudde.

  • Many Service Units hold a booth lottery for troops to sign up for local booths so be sure to stay informed about your Service Unit's process.
  • Cookie Booths that are set up by the SU will be uploaded to eBudde and troops who participated in the 2020 Fall Product Program will have first access to those, and to Mall Cookie Booths coordinated by council, on December 3rd, 2020 at 8pm. A week later, on December 10th, 2020 at 8pm, all other troops will gain access to select a booth. Troops may only select 1 booth at this time.
  • More Cookie Booths will be uploaded after the Service Unit's booth lottery and available to all to select additional booths beginning February 5th, 2021.

Drive-thru Cookie Booths are an option for less contact to your customers while still hosting a cookie booth. These are best done at locations where there is very high traffic and that allows for a safe area away from the business—locations such as supermarkets and Cabela’s have allowed drive through cookie booths in the past.

Virtual cookie booths were a brand new way of boothing in 2020, and may be continued into the future as another way to sell Girl Scout Cookies in 2021.

Signing Up for Booths in eBudde

  • Click on the "Booth Sales" tab.
  • Select the city and store you want to participate at.
  • Choose the date and time range you are interested in. If the booth slots are GREEN, they are available. If they are BLUE, they are unavailable.
  • Choose the available time slot you wish to reserve and click the green "Submit" button. NOTE: You will receive a message that your time is reserved. Click "OK" on the message window to proceed. If you don't see this message, your time slot was not reserved.
Free Slots Option

Pressing the “Free Slots” button will open a window for you to select your criteria and find available booth slots. You can search using specific criteria. Once you’ve entered your criteria, click the “Get Report” button.

Reminder: Customers find our booths through GSUSA’s Cookie Finder online. If your troop is not able to attend a booth time slot selected, please release it in eBudde the same way you reserved the time slot, or from the Troop dashboard on the right side of the screen where your schedule is listed. This will allow the customers to see the booth isn’t available OR allow another troop to sign up to take the slot.

Recording Your Booth Sales in eBudde


Money Management Best Practices

  • Troops should collect money often throughout the program to minimize the risk of loss, outstanding balances or parent debt.
  • Troops are to deposit money frequently and not leave funds in unsafe locations (like inside your car).
  • Girls/families should not hold on to money for more than one week.
  • It's recommended that cookie money not be deposited into a personal bank account. Troops should collect all original money from girls to deposit into the troop account.
  • Troops without a bank account should contact MemberCare@cbgsc.org for instructions and assistance to open an account.

Adding Girl Payments in eBudde

Always keep good financial and inventory records for your troop. Have all parents/caregivers sign receipts when turning in funds for their sales - keep a file or folder for each girl, for example - this will help to avoid confusion over financial responsibility of cookies. To add payments from girls/families:
  • Click on the "Girl Orders" tab (You will see the Troop Summary view).
  • Click on the girl's name.
  • Click the purple "Add Payment" button.
  • Double-click in the green paid box at the bottom of the screen and type in a payment note.
  • Click "OK" on the far right.
  • Click "Save" to complete the transaction.
Note: You can now add payments to girls after the system has closed to you for other data entry.

Finalizing Rewards in eBudde

EBudde will automatically calculate most rewards earned by girls—but ONLY if the cookies are transferred from the troop inventory to each girl who sold them. To ensure that each girl receives the correct rewards, make sure all cookies have been transferred.

  • Click on the "Girl Orders" tab.
  • Verify the following totals at the bottom of the screen:
    • Girl Totals - this is the total amount entered as sold in each category
    • Troop Order - this is the total amount entered as sold in each category
    • Difference - a negative number indicates the troop has remaining inventory NOT assigned to a girl, and a positive number indicates that more cookies were assigned to one or more girls than is available in your inventory.

Submitting Troop Rewards

EBudde will highlight an item in RED if more information is needed (size/catalog selection needed). Once you have submitted the girl’s order, eBudde will display the message in GREEN.

You can edit all girl orders at the same time, or click each girl individually.

Pro tip: Ask girls to choose which rewards they would like on the back of their order card. After they've turned them in, you can use those selections at the end of the program to enter into eBudde.

To enter reward choices:
  • Click on "Rewards" tab.
  • Click on purple "Fill Out" button next to Final Rewards Order.
  • Click on the girl's name OR "Edit All".
  • Select the girl's item choice and/or fill out the t-shirt size, as necessary
  • Click the "Submit Girl Order" button. If you do not want to submit, click "Cancel".
    • The system will now remind you to submit your troop order after submitting a girl order. There will be messaging displayed for you as a reminder.
  • Click the "Submit Final Troop Reward Order" button. The rewards orders for girls and the troop are now submitted and can only be changed by the Service Unit Cookie Manager.

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