Digital Cookie (DOC)

The need to go digital with the Girl Scout Cookie Program is greater than ever before. Selling cookies online, without the exchange of an order card and cash payment, is a safe way to ensure customers can get the cookies they love and everyone stays safe. 

With Digital Cookie, girls can personalize their own site to sell cookies online and invite friends and family to buy cookies via email. Customers have the option of having their cookies delivered in-person by the girl or having them directly shipped to their home. All girl-delivery orders must be approved by a parent/caregiver before the order is confirmed.

Also available: The Digital Cookie App – Girls can take orders on-the-go or process credit card payments at Cookie Booths or Drive-thrus using the Cookies-in-Hand option. Download from wherever you get your apps. 

Reminder: Digital Cookie site links are not to be shared via any resale sites including Facebook Marketplace, public Facebook groups/yardsales, eBay, etc.

Digital Cookie Tip Sheets

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