For Troops

Troop Cookie Managers (TCM) are an invaluable part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Volunteers like you are the champions, role models and cookie coaches who help girls discover their amazing potential and take steps towards achieving their goals. 

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What does a Troop Cookie Manager do?

Complete Troop Cookie Manager training with your Service Unit Cookie Manager (COVID-19 restrictions dependent) or online. 

Complete a Product Program Manager Agreement form.


Set up your troop in eBudde, the online cookie management system. Make sure you enter your bank account and routing numbers in the Settings tab.

Review your troop roster. If any girls are missing, contact with your troop number and names of missing girls.

Ensure your families are in the know and feel supported, and distribute materials. 

Enter girl orders from their order cards into eBudde & keep eBudde up to date (either on the desktop version or via the eBudde Mobile app).

Pick-up initial order on delivery day and additional re-orders, as needed.

Distribute cookies to families and issue receipts every time cookies and/or money change hands.

Collect money from cookie pick-ups and issue receipts every time cookies and/or money change hands.

Communicate with your troop on a regular basis about program updates, cookie inventory, booth opportunities, debt and deadlines.

Enter, collect and distribute girl rewards by Troop deadline.

Today's girls are already thinking like entrepreneurs.* With your guidance, girls are able to build on their thinking and start running their own Girl Scout Cookie business.
Today's Girls, Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs.
A Report by the Girl Scout Research Institute
Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay