Cookie Inventory Updates

(March 1, 2022) Hello Service Unit Cookie Teams,
As we continue to navigate an amazing 2022 Cookie Program, Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay would like to provide our families and volunteers the most up to date information on the cookie inventory situation.

Further Actions: 

  • Cookie Variety:  As mentioned in our communication on February 17, 2022, you will begin to see cookie varieties unavailable for cupboard orders as of this week. For any pending orders that were entered to be picked up starting March 1, 2022, you will see that it has changed to one case per troop of Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints. 

  • Cupboard Consolidation: We have closed several cupboards so that we may consolidate our inventory which will make cookies accessible to everyone. Each cupboard has a limited number of cookies previously listed above. We have turned off the capability to order them as pending orders. Cupboard volunteers/staff are allowed to give out one case of each of the varieties previously listed and will add to your pending order when you arrive at your previously scheduled pickup if you need them. 

  • Booths:  If your troop does not already have cookies on hand for booths later in the season, there may not be inventory available. 

  • Digital Order Card: Girl delivery for Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints have been shut off at this time. 

  • Cookies in-hand: As girl delivery is shut off, in-hand orders will not be able to be processed for varieties that are shut off. How you can work around this is as follows if you have inventory available to sell: 

    • Select another cookie variety with the same price point as the one you are selling.  
    • Keep track of your cookies sold at the booth so you can enter the sale correctly in eBudde after the booth. This will ensure your troop’s cookie inventory isn’t negatively affected. 

  • Free Shipping Starts TODAY: To help Girl Scouts meet and exceed their goals, GSCB will be subsidizing digital cookie shipping from March 1st through March 13th. Customers purchasing $50 or more will receive Free Shipping. 

  • Paper Order Card Fulfillment & DOC in-person girl delivery: If you have any orders that girls have received on their paper order card or DOC girl delivery that have not been filled, which the troop is unable to fulfill from current inventory, please fill out the Inventory Fulfillment Request form so that we can set aside those cookies to fill their orders. This form MUST be submitted by Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 9 pm. All forms received after the deadline will not be fulfilled. GSCB Product Program Team will enter a pending order for the orders entered. CLICK HERE to see council-wide Cookie Cupboard availability.   

  • eBudde: We need the TCC to assign any cookies that are not already in eBudde to each girl by 9pm on Sunday, March 6, 2022. If you need assistance moving Troop Link Cookies to assign to your girls participating, please review the Moving Troop Link Cookies for Volunteers document.  

  • Rewards: We continue to assess the girl rewards at every level. We will be communicating early next week if any change is made. 

  • Service Unit Cookie Share: GSCB will honor any Service Unit that comes within 125 packages of their original goal. Remember, you must have also submitted your Initial Order rewards by the deadline to qualify for 2022 SU Cookie Share.

Recap of Cookie Inventory:

  Cupboards DOC Girl Delivery DOC Shipped Girl Order Cards
Adventurefuls None None None None
Lemon-Ups Available Available Available Available
Trefoils 1 Case Maximum None Available None
Do-Si-Dos Available Available Available Available
Samoas 1 Case Maximum None Available None
Tagalongs 1 Case Maximum None Available None
Thin Mints 1 Case Maximum None Available None
S’mores Available Available Available Available
Toffee-Tastics Available Available Available Available

We know that Adventurefuls are still a popular request amongst customers, volunteers and Girl Scout families. However, GSCB will not be receiving any additional inventory of Adventurefuls for the 2022 Cookie Program. 

Again, we are so proud of the outstanding work our GSCB Girl Scouts have put into their cookie businesses this year. We are in awe and amazement at the dedication of our volunteers and families to support them and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Thank you,
GSCB Product Program Team

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