Digital Cookie Enhancements

(11/14/21) Great news! In addition to the already amazing functionality of Digital Cookie (DOC) platform, where girls can take their business online, this year troops have an opportunity to get in on the action!

Troop Link on DOC
The troop link allows troops to market a link that directly helps troop cookie sales online. Think of it as the troops ability to take their business online and hold virtual cookie booths! Now more than ever we understand it is important for you to have the tools to help girls reach their cookie goals in the digital world.

  • Troop links are accessible by the registered DOC volunteer and more details how to access can be found here.
  • Cookies purchased through the troop link are only available for direct ship or donation. No need to worry about additional delivery of cookies.
  • Cookies purchased through the troop link do not earn rewards therefore cookies will not need to be moved BUT can be allocated to specific girls if needed for participation. 
  • Sales through this link does not affect your troop PGA.

Additionally beginning February 1st, troop links will display for customers using “FIND COOKIES” through online avenues. A customer can enter their zip code and find a booth or be directed to a troop link within that zip code to order directly online! You do not need to do anything additional once your link is set up to have it display this way. The troop links within a zip code will be randomized each time that zip code is populated by a potential customer to give equal visibility as well.

Contactless Booth Payment through DOC
In your DOC troop roster you should see an additional girl named “Suzie Girl Scout,” this additional account affords the ability to use for contactless pay at booths. DOC now has technology to scan most credit cards through the camera on your device. We ask that you ensure you know how to access and are set up before your first booth if you intend to use this account for payment processing.

  • Set up the Suzie Girl Scout account prior to booths, instructions found here.
  • Ensure you have the DOC app installed on a phone or connected wireless device.
  • Access the Suzie Girl Scout account through log in made during set up.
  • Girl Delivery and Cookies In Hand options are both available through this account to sell cookies at booths.
  • After booth sales reconcile through eBudde boxes sold with participating girls, instructions found here.

All girl DOC accounts have the contactless payment functionality, so the “Suzie Girl Scout” link does not have to be used, but is a just an additional tool if it is a good fit for your troop. For additional resources for volunteers please visit our Cookie Resources or email

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