Cookie Inventory Updates

(Feb 18, 2022) With the successes of our Girl Scouts and the continually evolving inventory situation we want to provide volunteers with the most up to date information. 

We know how important reaching cookie goals is and want to provide the full scope of where GSCB sits as the cookie inventory shortages have hit mainstream national media. 

At the beginning of this cookie season the GSCB team made a decision to purchase the maximum allotted inventory allowed to councils (110% of each variety forecasted by membership size) at the time of our Initial Order period. This has proved to be the most fruitful decision for our girls and troops as we are continuing to hear the situations of other councils having cookie shortages affecting even the fulfillment of initial orders taken. To break it down we received enough physical inventory too far surpass our sale last year.

Cookie Variety: As the cookie season progresses you will begin to see cookie varieties unavailable for cupboard orders as early as next week. We anticipate Samoas, Trefoils, and Lemon-Ups will begin to have limited availability.

Cupboard Consolidation: local cupboards will begin closing and inventory will be consolidated to centralized cupboards.

Booths: if your troop does not already have cookies on hand for booths later in the season there may not be inventory available.

Digital Order Card: girl delivery on additional varieties may begin to be shut off.

Cookies in hand: once girl delivery is shut off in hand orders will not able to be processed for varieties shut off. How you can work around this is as follows:

    • Select another cookie variety with the same price point as the one you are selling. 
    • Keep track of your cookies sold at the booth so you can enter the sale correctly in eBudde after the booth. This will ensure your troop’s cookie inventory isn’t negatively affected.

Free Shipping: to help Girl Scouts meet and exceed their goals GSCB will be subsidizing digital cookie shipping from March 1st through March 13th Customers purchasing $50 or more will receive Free Shipping ($14.99 value).

We are so proud of all the outstanding work our GSCB Girl Scouts have put into their cookie businesses this year! And are in awe and amazement ay the dedication of our volunteers and families to support them and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

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