Clean Up Booths and Extended Digital Cookie

To give girls an extended opportunity to reach their goals during this challenging season we will also be extending the opportunity to sell through Digital Cookie until April 4th, 2021. 

The timeframe to earn rewards will still remain from now through March 7th. Cookie sales occurring after the March 7th timeframe through clean up booths or DOC will result in additional cookie proceeds to the troop. This amount is still to be determined and we will follow up via email, eBudde messages, and social media regarding the amount.

Clean Up Booth Operations (3/8/21- 4/4/21):

  • Troops may use cookies left, however additional proceeds can not be given as these will be coming from final troop ACH.
  • Troops may schedule by appointment only at council cupboards a cookie pick up, however these cookies cannot be returned. 
  • Cupboard pickups can be scheduled upon request during this time
  • Payment for additional cookies, minus the proceeds, will be required by either a check or credit card (except Grubhub booths). 

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