Booth Coordinators

Service Unit Booth Coordinators are important members of the SU Cookie team. Volunteers like you are the champions, role models and cookie coaches who help girls discover their amazing potential and take steps towards achieving their goals. 

What does a Service Unit Booth Coordinator do?

Work in partnership with your SU Cookie Team. 


          Assist in educating Troop Cookie Managers (TCM) and Troop Leaders (TL) as needed about Cookie                   Booth processes and procedures. 

Contact local community merchants to request cookie booth locations, dates and time periods.

Coordinate fair allocation of booths to troops using a lottery system as needed.

Submit booth location spreadsheet to GSCB on or before deadline.

Incorporate Juliette Girl Scouts and outreach troops in booth lottery – if applicable to your Service Unit (SU).

Coordinate with GSCB in working with other SUs to fill booth slots available in eBudde’s booth tab and across SU lines when needed.

          Thank businesses for their support in person (when/if possible), with letters or with PR cookies                         available from the SU.

.           Must have ability and willingness to utilize Microsoft Excel to fill booth spreadsheet. 

Booth Location Updates

Not available for 2021:

  • Acme
  • JoAnn’s
  • WaWa
  • Dunkin’ (Corporate Locations – If franchised, you may make an ask.)

Service Unit Booth Coordinator Program Timeline

Booth Coordinator Need-To-Knows

About Cookie Booths

Cookie Booths are a direct sale of cookies to the public, in a public location. Cookie Booths help girls broaden their troop experience, develop skills in public relations, marketing and finance, increase troop sales through teamwork, assist in reaching troop and individual goals, reduce troop cookie inventory, and give girls opportunity to reach more customers. Booths are a troop effort are NEVER conducted by individual family members or girls, with the exception of Juliettes. Cookies sold at booths are distributed equally among the girls that participated.

There are multiple ways for girls to participate in a Cookie Booth. See below:

Traditional Booth

  •  Set up at high-traffic community businesses or other locations in the Service Unit boundaries

Council/GSUSA Sponsored

  •  Booths that GSCB or GSUSA assist SU’s in securing the actual dates and times/locations or gather details about booths and offer to the SU to add to their booth selections/lotteries including but not limited to:
    • Malls
    • Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club (Currently not allowing selling at stores, updates will come in January)
    • Wawa (Will know availability in January or later)
    • Dunkin (Currently not allowing selling at stores, updates will come in January)
    • Joann Fabrics (Availability updates coming soon)
    • GSCB will also be reaching out to Royal Farms, but availability still unknown.

Milk and Cookies Break

  • Milk and Cookies breaks are sales purchased by an employer, in bulk, for their employees. Cookie booths may also be set up at places of employment, with permission, to promote additional cookie sales. 
  • Troops should inform the Service Unit Booth Coordinator of these cookie booths at all times. If booths are outside of the SU jurisdiction, GSCB Product Program team may need to be informed so they can notify the Booth Coordinator for that location. 
  • Milk and Cookies breaks follow normal GSCB Booth Guidelines.


  • Walkabouts are portable Cookie Booths. Girls fill up wagons, trucks, sleds, mini-vans, etc. with the assistance of a buddy and adult(s) to canvas their neighborhood, apartment complexes, senior citizen facilities or local college dorms. Approval from the business/location is required prior to the walkabout and the Booth Coordinator must be informed. 
  • Girls can use blowhorns, posters, flags and other portable decorations like cookie costumes.


  • Drive-Thru booths are a new way to manage contactless Cookie Booth purchases. Locations that are willing to rent out an actual drive-thru for cars for free is acceptable, but you can also create a drive-thru in locations with the help of the business. While at a drive-thru, continue to use appropriate PPE gear including masks, gloves (when handling money), hand sanitizers, etc. 
  • Locations with large parking lots and/or unused parking could be ideal spots for a Drive-Thru. 
  • Consider using a pop-up tent and/or posters to draw attention to the booth. Create a line using cones, ribbons, and “Slow”/”Enter Only” signs. It’s important to encourage cars to drive slowly through the drive-thru line.
  • Normal GSCB Cookie Booth guidelines still apply to drive-thru booths. Girls should maintain 6-feet of distance between themselves and vehicles while taking orders. 

Virtual Booths

  • Virtual Cookie Booths are another booth alternative that can be done entirely online. A troop leader can set up a Facebook Live session, a recorded sales pitch, a password-protected Zoom session, or a YouTube video where girls present their cookie booth to customers. 
    • REMEMBER: All online activity should be done via a private account for the family and/or by the troop leader for girl safety. For online security tips, see GSUSA guidelines.
  • Girl’s full names should NEVER be used and under no circumstances should the girl’s booth “location” be shared. The troop should use their online Digital Cookie account to take orders, not a specific girl’s DOC link. The Troop Leader can move cookies to the appropriate girls in the system at the end of the booth. 
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