Operation Taste of Home

Operation Taste of Home (OTH) is Chesapeake Bay’s gift of caring program, which allows those less fortunate and military organizations to receive a gift of Girl Scout Cookies or a nut item/magazine.

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About Operation Taste of Home

For Fall Product: Girls collect donations in $6.00 increments, then Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay delivers nut/candy products to local charities and/or food banks. Girls do not deliver donated products. Each donation is credited to the girl’s sales and the troop still receives proceeds for each donation sold.

For Cookie: Each Service Unit across GSCB will select a local charity/organization (or more than one) such as food pantries, crisis centers, blood banks, etc. to make a donation of 50% of their OTH sales made during the 2021 Cookie Program. The other 50% of the OTH sales made by the Service Unit will be donated to the USO (United Service Organization) to be delivered to a number of different military support organizations for distribution to soldiers coming and going in service throughout the Delmarva Peninsula. 

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Tips for Selling OTH Donations

Ask! It’s that easy. Most customers don’t know what OTH is, so we suggest a display poster or box wrap. 

If you can’t eat ’em, treat ’em! For various reasons (including health reasons), some customers may opt out of eating Girl Scout Cookies or nuts/candy. Promote                         OTH sales by  making your own drop box for donations.                   It will be a visual display only, but may entice donations.

        Say Thank You! Share the OTH Donation Receipt with                   any customer who chooses to make a donation.

Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay